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Welcome to ASSA

The mission of the Astrological Society of South Africa  (ASSA) is to provide a network for astrologers who wish to share their knowledge with colleagues, as well as the layman.

To this end we hold informative BI-MONTHLY meetings, where speakers cover a variety of topics.

Articles that we publish are diverse and include South African as well as International authors. The content ranges from basic to advanced. There is something for everyone.

While we are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we ensure that most of the services are available to people distant from our base.

Our Website offers you contact details of ASSA Astrologers within your community and a host of information to assist you with any queries that you may have with regard to Astrology. The contact details of the ASSA Committee are available and we invite you to contact us should you require any Astrological assistance.

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All of our Bi Monthly talks are held at:

The Military Museum (Conference Rooms), Erlswold Way, Saxonwold, Johannesburg (Adjacent to Johannesburg Zoo)

You will be informed on the notices about the talks should we use a different venue, at any time.

There is ample safe parking for everyone.

N.B. Due to rising costs, it has become necessary for the Committee to raise the entrance fee of each talk to R100 p/p.  If you bring a friend, you will each pay R80 p/p. We operate as a non profit organization, and need to increase the entrance fee, so that we do not run at a loss.

Latest News

Sublunar Astrology



August starts on a positive note; we have 4 of the personal planets in their own sign. This means they are feeling totally comfortable with their role in life and this reflects on us.

On The 3rd which is the day South Africa has their municipal elections, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are all in their own signs so behaving according to nature.

On the very same day we have a New Moon, the Moon in elections represents the people. New Moon brings new beginnings that fulfil our needs. 

As people we are tired of the old corrupt ways. This Moon is in the sign of Leo ruled by the Sun, planet of Kings, we want new Kings/Ministers to look after all municipal concerns. The Moon as it waxes or grows moves away from the Sun, the King.

This is the type of energy that can expose; via vote invalid "Kings" so cast your vote with integrity and wisdom. Just make sure you mark the correct box.

Mercury moves into Virgo, so the messenger is now able to become positively analytical, systematic, organised and practical. What a great time to put your head down and organise your life and work effectively.

This together with the new Moon will give you a burst of energy to fix what is not working and get started on that which you have been avoiding.

An exciting and positive start of the Month energised with a vital creative Sun in Leo, wherever Leo is in your chart is where you will have the energy to achieve you creative dreams, Wherever Virgo is in your chart will give you the way you will carry out your creative tasks.

A mini reading will be able to advise you where this is in your life so you can get the maximum benefit from these transits. Contact Laurie at for a mini reading, a short report on how to benefit from the transits every month.

From the eve of the 3rd Mars will move from Scorpio where it has power and can bring about transformation. Mars remained in Scorpio, retrograde and went back into Scorpio spending longer than usual.

During this time Mars connected with other malefic planets which created negative transformation throughout the world and in our lives. What an aggressive and destructive path Mars has taken since January.

This horrible transformative energy has been shocking throughout the world, it has also affect every one of us is some way or another. We have no choice but to manage what the past months have brought to light, if we give into this we will not survive these transformative times.

Mars moves into Sagittarius where on the positive side we can be filled with enthusiasm, optimistic and adventuring into new territories. We will find the energy to travel, study and become more physically active.

On the negative side Mars in this sign is argumentative, fanatical and can exaggerate situation. When afflicted it can turn nasty bring about strife, a strong need to fight for rights causing all sorts of destructive problems.

Personally we need to be aware of our tempers and those of others. Impulsive negativity can blow up into a dangerous and destructive outcome. Rather use this active energy in a positive way; so much can be achieved if we use this active Mars energy wisely.

Sagittarius energy has a strong gambling side to it, this is where we can take a chance, gamble with our life or our money. In business there is a temptation to gamble on a new venture. Saturn advises we be careful of the chances we take. Rather gamble on what could be a sure thing; you could win big or lose big...your choice.

We can certainly expect a lot of political unrest, explosive reactions between opposing parties. Religious fanaticism can become nasty which is such a dichotomy. In South Africa post voting results will cause arguments and strife, in some cased destructive behaviour.

As much as I wish to I cannot ignore the fact that Saturn is stationary moving direct. Saturn rules structure and authority figures and with Mars is in Sagittarius. Dictators will be intolerant of any destructive behaviour.

As it is Saturn is not comfortable in this fiery mutable sign, it does not have the desired structure from which it can grow. Dictators and politicians are looking inward trying to gain their own grounding in very tumultuous times.

People in power will tend toward dishonesty, disappointment and there can be losses through legal affairs, really not the right time for any legal battles unless you have all your duck in a row. With this placement Zuma has to pay back some of the money!! Many failures are experience when Saturn crosses paths with Antares.

Personally we need to be open minded to shifting our views on life. To bring about structure and growth we need to weigh up our options and focus on what is a definite path forward, rather than a potentially unstable venture. Venture we can, but use a map!

With both Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius being influenced by a strong political energy we are seeing really nasty elections and politicking all over the world. But and a big but, when these two planets bump heads we can expect strong repercussions.

The answer to this is to honest with yourself and others, adapt to situations no matter how difficult it is. See and understand why things are happening and allow yourself freedom to express your views remembering that you need to allow others to have their freedom as well.

Saturn is stationed on the fixed star Antares. It is a huge red star visible in the heavens near Scorpio. Antares brings a destructive, headstrong and ravenous energy. Interesting, seems to be the energy pouring out of the mouths of politicians fighting for power. Game of Thrones comes to mind.

This placement lasts for 5 weeks because Saturn is not moving as he is about to go direct in September.

Mars comes along and joins up with this dreadful energy, we will feel this form the 19th of this month and it will build up to a crisis point on the 23rd. Eruptions, earthquakes, floods and all sorts of natural disaster waiting to happen can be triggered by this conjunction of 3 very malefic planets.

When the planet of action, mars is conjunct Antares we add excess quarrels to the picture.

This is the type of conjunction in the sky that can bring about eruptions. What has been building and building finally erupts. On a mundane level we can expect to see bazaar weather, erupting volcanoes, floods and earthquakes. These are natural disasters that are waiting to happen that are triggered by this three planet conjunction.

On a personal note, avoid conflict and arguments. But expect that hidden issues will come out into the open with either disastrous results or bring about a cleansing of the air and a positive resolution.

On an even more positive note great ideas and solutions can come to light in this energy. Be open to manage any stress situation careful so that you can find a way of turning a crisis into an advantage.

Once again in the R300 mini reading I will point out these areas in your life with guidance on how best to manage them with a short mini report


Health issues especially with the aged and children will occur in this placing with Saturn and Antares, so keep you children and parents warm and healthy.

Avoid daredevil activities, situations where you could fall or get harmed. Be careful when partaking in any sport or games where there is possibility of breaking your bones.

Our bones and joints need constant care, if we suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or any joint inflammation this could flair. I have found a few session with a biokinetic specialist can really help you to build up the support of painful joints.

Cut back on the impure food like sugar, wheat as well as red meats and yes sadly wine. These food promote the production of crystals in your joints which in turn inflame the tissue causing a lot of pain.

Step up the fish oils, eat fish high in omega fats to build up bone and strengthen the supporting facia. Purifying your diet and replacing meat with fish will help the condition considerably. It can also help those who are not there yet, prevent further damage.

So till next month, be careful, eat healthy food and find time to relax, relaxation is a method that can keep you calm when facing huge challenges. When stressed and tired you will not manage challenges well.

Posted: July 31, 2016, 7:59 am