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This beginner’s diploma course will take two years to complete. This course consists of modern and traditional Astrology techniques. The student will be taught the basic building blocks of Astrology.

You will learn about the signs, houses and planets. Then you will learn about aspects and transits. You will learn how to piece it all together and how to read and understand a birth chart. We touch on Progressions and returns.

All students will work with their own birth charts and will soon have a deeper understanding of Astrology through personal enlightenment.

You will be given the tools to help you to become a confident and successful Astrologer in your own right. You do not need to purchase a program until you feel ready to commit to the craft.

Notes on all lessons will be provided and exercises will be set to see how the student understands the skills taught. Sublunar academy has also created charts that will assist you in your studies.

The final exam will be written after the two years is complete and the student will be given a chart to delineate as if it is a consultation.

Classes and times

To be discussed, usually Saturdays from 10 – 12 for 12 30, evenings if from 18 00 for 18 30 – 20 30, we will begin the course on the week of a New Moon

Cost of course and payment


Payments can be made in monthly installments of R1125 per month at the beginning of the Month for 24 Months. If you wish to pay the full amount upfront there will be a 10% discount

Cancellation of the course

A months notice is required should the student feel they wish to leave the course before completion. If you choose to pay for the course upfront please be advised that should you choose not to complete the course you will not be refunded, but you have the option of joining the next course


The classroom is located in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. The address is 5 Kemp Ave, Waterval Estate, suburb next to Northcliff.


The property is secure and large enough to accommodate all vehicles.

Extra lessons

Should a student require an extra private lesson, this will be done for a fee of R400 for 2 hours.

Astrology Association of South Africa

All students will be welcome and encouraged to attend meetings held in Johannesburg all students are welcome. You will experience exciting talks and meet up with other students and well known Astrologers.


Reading is encouraged, but let your teacher guide you before splashing out on any book. Sublunar has a small library where books can be borrowed and returned. You will be required to purchase two textbooks which you will find on the enrolment form



Laurie Naughtin is the founder of Sublunar Academy of Astrology where correspondence, beginners and individual courses are taught. Laurie has International approval for her courses; students qualifying will be eligible for the International Traditional Astrologer’s directory. Laurie is qualified in Medical, Modern, Traditional, Astrology Magic and Horary astrology. Specializing in Time rectification and Newborn charts.  She runs workshops and presentations for media and public in general.

Contact details www.sublunar.co.za sublunar25@gmail.com


Bank details

L A Naughtin

Standard Bank/Savings

Northcliff Branch: 006305

Acc No: 008206910

Sms proof of payment to 083 268 3156 or email to sublunar@telkomsa.net

MAP BELOW FOR 5 KEMP AVE, WATERVAL ESTATE and if you use GPS add in Randburg, otherwise you will be taken to the other side of the city.