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Welcome to ASSA

The mission of the Astrological Society of South Africa  (ASSA) is to provide a network for astrologers who wish to share their knowledge with colleagues, as well as the layman.

To this end we hold informative BI-MONTHLY meetings, where speakers cover a variety of topics.

Articles that we publish are diverse and include South African as well as International authors. The content ranges from basic to advanced. There is something for everyone.

While we are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we ensure that most of the services are available to people distant from our base.

Our Website offers you contact details of ASSA Astrologers within your community and a host of information to assist you with any queries that you may have with regard to Astrology. The contact details of the ASSA Committee are available and we invite you to contact us should you require any Astrological assistance.

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All of our Bi Monthly talks are held at:

The Military Museum (Conference Rooms), Erlswold Way, Saxonwold, Johannesburg (Adjacent to Johannesburg Zoo)

You will be informed on the notices about the talks should we use a different venue, at any time.

There is ample safe parking for everyone.

N.B. Due to rising costs, it has become necessary for the Committee to raise the entrance fee of each talk to R100 p/p.  If you bring a friend, you will each pay R80 p/p. We operate as a non profit organization, and need to increase the entrance fee, so that we do not run at a loss.

Latest News

Sublunar Astrology



June has been a month full of surprises, July continues to surprise!

Venus the planet of love and desire starts the July rolling with a bit of a stress aspect with Pluto who loves death and reform. Charming!

Venus in Cancer is concerned about security and family values, whereas Pluto in Capricorn has the ability to transform old structures into new and enduring ones.

This is simple, if you are feeling insecure in whatever situation you find yourself in, then now would be a good time to see the truth for what it is. If it is an unstable relationship, family, boss or lover then change things.

Venus then goes on to trine Mars on the 7th, an easy aspect where we can finally see what it is we desire out of life and how to get it. In some cases it is a great time to go after that love you desire; you may even free yourself from family restrictions.

It seems as if this aspect of Venus brings some life back into Mars...

Mars has been causing a lot of controversy of late. Since Mars has been retrograde, since April, this planet of action, aggression and attack has been unable to act out in a positive way.

Retrograde planets behave against nature, so it has been hard to make things happen, to control our tempers and fight off fatigue whilst the action planet Mars has been misdirected.

The good news is that in this past week Mars started to move into his station as he changes direction and slowly begins his forward motion. This is the reason why so many of us feel so tired, uncomfortable and grumpy.

When a planet is in its station it is not moving so its energy is very low and vulnerable remaining so until the planet speeds up to its normal daily motion. This is a time where we too will feel just as vulnerable.

Mars will reach its normal daily motion in the 3rd week of July. Within the first week a positive forward motion begins, things will happen, but not as fast as we assume they should until the 21st when Mars is back on track.

We had a couple of shifts in June, universal nudges, wanted or not they happened. We need to take power of the shifts in our lives, be it in the way we think, work, relate or even let go, and make them work.

As Mars is moving so slowly we have time to adapt to the shifts that life has offered. If you are going to be stubborn and not make decisions then you may miss the bus on a lot of potential solutions.

For many the shift has been more like a huge wakeup call, and for others a way out to bring about peace. Life has shown us a new way that is if we are super eager to take up the challenge, but the frustration hits as we find things are not moving as fast as we wish.

This is the time where we cannot swim against the tide but to trust the tide will take us to where we need to go, in its own time, not our time. With the planet of action, Mars, on a go slow we cannot expect a quick fix, but we can begin the process.

Impatient and impulsive actions will get you nowhere but frustrated and unreasonably angry. In fact with action being so slow it gives us time to see the whole picture, not just glimpses of a vision. Things are beginning to happen even as you are reading this, not as fast as you wish but they are happening.

On the 14th of July we can expect another shift; this is not going to be pleasant at all. Mars and Uranus blindside each other via an inconjunct aspect. Uranus is all about shifts and shocks, and Mars is about aggressive transformation. This negative connection has enough power to create war!

Get these two energies on the wrong side of each other and we can expect ructions in our lives. In some cases a snap decision will be made, in other a project can suddenly come together requiring on the spot attention.

It is a time for accidents and attacks, so do be aware of your surroundings...if you are inclined to stay in bed at home to hide from this aspect, if it connects to your chart, something will happen even at home.

If you would like a mini reading for R300 please contact Laurie at this may just help you understand what shifts are pressing your buttons and how to navigate them.

If you have recognised the need to shift from the past months energy, this current shift will have a more positive effect, still stressful but along the lines of positive stress rather than negative.

This shifting energy has the strength to shift the United Kingdom from the EU, this will cause all sorts of repercussions throughout the World. This energy can bring about war and disaster, but in a good context it can bring about reform.

On a personal note, be careful of your temper and avoid impulsive behaviour, certainly do not poke the bear!!!

Talking about impulsive behaviour, Venus the planet of desire and love is in Cancer where there is a lot of family bonding going on, and where one desires a feeling of security within the tribe. Well Venus will move into Leo on the 15th.

Venus will spend a very short three weeks in Leo, which is a good thing. The planet of love in Leo desires that perfect King and will go all out to find her man. It is a time to fall in love, indulge and lust for the good things in life. This works both ways, for the men out there; you may find yourself tempted by a whiff of perfume or a nice pair of legs.

Venus in Leo just desires a good time, with a love for life that overrides all concerns and boundaries. A time to enjoy shopping, the arts and theatre, just have a great time doing what you love to do.

Saturn remains retrograde in Sagittarius; this is structure wanting to be flexible. But Saturn is ruled by Jupiter who is in Virgo so the way we can bring about flexible restructuring is in an organised and systematic way.

Anything is possible if you have a workable, organised well thought out plan. If you are feeling that your foundations need direction, just organise your life and time.

Mercury has been great. He has been in Gemini for the past two weeks and this has given our brains a boost. In July he moves into Cancer where our thinking becomes need and service based.

Mercury then moves into Leo on the 15th joining Venus on the 17th, this is a really great day to be creative, buy a piece of art or start a creative project on a whim. This is the one day where a trendy purchase will not be regretted.

If you see it and you want it then buy it. Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Leo; this is all the permission we need. I think I will just go and stand in an Esoterical shop, see what feeds my hunger and buy it.

I call Mercury, when in the sign of Leo, the trendy diva, coupled with Venus in Leo the princess of desire, the 17th is a day to diarise. This is a great day for love, to start or launch a creative project, a day to party, a day to market your wares or a day to see the love and art in nature.


We need all the help this winter in beating the common cold. Antibiotics are NOT the solution unless you have a blood test and a proven bacterial infection.

Most flu's are viral and are treated symptomatically, bed rest, analgesics, anti inflammatory tablets and anti histamines are all good to help you through the 5 days of misery. Add plenty of fluids, a constant room temperature and vapour rub on your chest and you will soon be feeling human again.

Best thing is prevention, so let me introduce you to Zinc - a mineral that plays a big role in immune function. Not only is it a brilliant immune booster it will bring about healing a lot faster should you get flu.

A daily intake of zinc is required as the body does not have a storage system for zinc. You can boost your body by taking zinc tablets or adding food that is high in zinc to your diet.

Oysters have the highest quantity of zinc, followed by lobsters and other shell fish. Red meat and poultry are next on the list of quantity, there are also good quantities found in grains, seeds, asparagus and mushrooms.

Hmm a warm a creamy mushroom soup would go down well now. Keep warm and keep you immune boosted, take in extra zinc through the winter months.

Posted: June 30, 2016, 6:36 pm