Cynthia Thorburn Jan 2018

A Brief Take on Chiron

(To an ex-student who had a bit of a problem with her Chiron)

In mythology, Chiron the greatest Centaur and healer, is regarded as the archetype of suffering, or being wounded, or bleeding from ‘the wound that never heals’.  In every chart the innate or inborn wound is found in the position and condition of Chiron.  BUT Chiron is a double-sided coin because it also incorporates healing and therapy through the very ‘thing’ that wounds you.  The sword that cuts is the sword that heals; an inoculation introduces the dead cells (antibodies) of the very infection that can kill you.  Thus the resolution of the problem lies in embracing, on some level, the problem itself

Chiron is where we feel inadequate and have an inferiority complex.  It is just this that drives the individual to overcome the sensed lack.  Strangely enough, most ‘normal’ people (is there such a being?) in full maturity, unconsciously become experts and excel at the very wound that bled and could not be healed.  This is akin to a dumb person lecturing better than anybody else, a man with no legs winning races (Pistorius!); a world class swimmer with only one leg; a deaf man writing sublime music (Beethoven) etc.

You need to read up on the Greek myth of Chiron, the greatest of the Centaurs and healer of the Greek healers, who could heal most diseases in others but could never heal the wound in his own leg.  I think Chiron is called ‘the wound that never heals” because so often (but not 100% of the time) the place of Chiron in a chart shows where we cannot heal ourselves but can heal others of the same malady most beautifully.  Perhaps the truly glorious saving grace of Chiron is that we can never fall into hubris and get arrogant in that chart area.

Taking your example of Chiron in Aries in House 5, one could combine all that information into a statement which might go something like this….

“This individual feels inadequate (Chiron) in the area of play and recreations (H5) and will actively, aggressively and energetically (Aries) try to avoid relaxed (or ‘silly’) social environments which wound them (Chiron) and cover up what they unconsciously feel is ineptitude (Chiron) by overworking and cleverly becoming so busy (Aries) that they never have any time to play (H5).  In this way they almost always (90% of them) excel at their profession which, oddly enough (or is it?) is frequently connected to recreation for OTHER people – tourism, casinos, hospitality industry, game lodges, tour guiding, camps for children etc.  Voila!  Chiron’s intention has been achieved.

Cynthia Thorburn D.M.S.Astrol