The Tarot Card The Chariot

This assignment was submitted by Sublunar Academy Written by first year student John Worrall The Chariot represents a union of opposites. Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs, people or circumstances to bring them together and to give them a single direction. Confidence is also needed, most especially motivation. To achieve a goal […]

Horary and Dream Interpretation

HORARY AND DREAMS What is the meaning of my dream? Article by; Laurie Naughtin I dreamt that I was due to have a baby. As I no longer have a womb, this is not going to happen! In the dream I felt a bit shocked about this pregnancy, wondering how, at this stage of […]

The Nodal Axis of the Moon

The Power of the South Node: Transcendence of Duality By Maurice Fernandez The Nodes of the Moon are points of intersection between the cycles of the Moon and those of the Sun; the North Node is where the Moon crosses the north point of the ecliptic (the path of the Sun), likewise the South Node […]


THOR’S HAMMER A Gift of the Gods only for the Brave! THE SESQUIKNOT What is Thor’s Hammer? There is an aspect pattern formed from two planets each sesquisquare (135degrees) (sesquiquadrate) a third planet, with the base two planets square (90degrees) to each other. I use an 8degree orb for squares and a 4degree orb for […]


Compiled By Cynthia Thorburn D.M.S.Astrol From “Astrological Insights into Personality” by Betty Lunsted THE SUN, THE MOON AND THE ASCENDANT MALE CHARTS   THE SUN, MOON AND ASC IN MASCULINE SIGNS IN A MALE CHART Such a man lacks an inner female image or ‘anima’ (Jung’s word for the female archetype). He functions entirely from […]

William Lilly

William Lilly states in Christian Astrology that “…he that shall learn the nature of the planets and signs without exact judgment of the houses, is like an improvident man, that furnisheth himself with a variety of household stuffe, having no place wherein to bestow them..” William Lilly, Christian Astrology, (Astrology Classics, 2004) p50 William Lilly, […]


The prophetic year of 2012 is already under-way and so much is in store from an astrological point of view. A unique concentration of planetary alignments and cycles are sequencing in, and you guessed it, the weather remains stormy. Since 2010 particularly, planets rage hard and 2012 continues this trend! In a very general way, […]

The Moon and the Relational Nature of Growth

Two of the most striking observations in my work as a consulting astrologer came to me a few years ago.   First, I noticed that the signs of the zodiac parallel stages of early child development.  Second I noted that the progressed Moon, its sign and aspect pattern, reflects themes associated with early development. From birth to […]

Sun Sign Astrology – Is it just pie in the sky?

The Sun is the most visible Planet in the heavens. We can all see it and we can certainly feel it. Sun Sign Astrologers eagerly follow its weekly path, as it transits its way through twelve Zodiac signs, writing columns of advice to help guide us in love, money, health and careers. I personally do […]