Can she really talk to the dead?

My client recently lost her husband in a tragic accident. Shortly after the accident she was contacted by a young lady who is a cousin of her husband and who claimed to be particularly friendly with him and in regular contact. Although my client was aware that he had a cousin, she was surprised to […]

Planets in Synastry – Book Review

Planets in Synastry, E.W. Neville Whitford Press Astrology Library We all have books we haven’t read. I bought this one in 1991, and have never got around to it, until… I wanted to check what Neville calls ‘Planets captured in houses,’ and hauled out all my usual reference books but couldn’t find what I wanted. […]

Mercury Retrograde

We are presently thrashing about in the throes of Mercury Retrograde. That slippery little planet turned about face on 15 July at 12deg 33’ Leo, will resume a sane direct course again on 8 August at 1deg 26’ Leo, but will only reach the degree at which it originally turned retrograde (the ‘shadow period’) on […]


It must be because Jupiter is transiting through Gemini that I’m beginning to write articles again, this one somewhat prematurely in order to give our editing team a chance to post it on ASSA’s website in good time. Although eclipses do have personal meaning, they are clearly more significant in mundane work.  The focus of […]

2013 Horoscope, Career, Relationships and Money

Aries (21st March to 20th April) Motto: I want Characteristics: Independent, leadership, adventuresome Your head strong impulsive take charge abilities need to be toned down a bit in 2013. Rather focus your impulsive nature into innovative and creative activities. Fighting with your superiors will turn out messy and painful; avoid conflict especially in the Month […]

Speculations on the Birth Chart of Jesus

INTRODUCTION Speculation has abounded over the centuries as to the birth date of Jesus. Since the date is unknown, December 25 was chosen to celebrate his birth because it was the traditional date of the mid-winter Saturnalia festival of the Romans in late December. Too, in 274 A.D., the Roman emperor Aurelian established a feast […]

The Nodes

The ephemeris will show that in September 2012 the Moon’s Nodes, as is the inexorable habit of planets and points, moved from Sagittarius-Gemini to Scorpio-Taurus, an interesting enough phenomenon to warrant talking about. Let’s get the technical side over with quickly. The North and South Nodes of the Moon move steadily backwards and mark the […]

Delineation of Nikki’s Birth Chart

In structuring my interpretation of Nikki’s Birth Chart, I have included the use of Numerology and Karl Jung’s Archetypes where applicable. These have re-affirmed the patterning, that has emerged from her chart.   Nikki’s Numerology Birthdate: 15/08/1963 15 = 6 8 = 8 1963 14 1986 = 24 = 5  = 6 Life Path Number […]