Margaret Mullen 10 July 2012

Can she really talk to the dead?

My client recently lost her husband in a tragic accident. Shortly after the accident she was contacted by a young lady who is a cousin of her husband and who claimed to be particularly friendly with him and in regular contact. Although my client was aware that he had a cousin, she was surprised to find out that there was such regular contact as it had never been mentioned by him. Also while he was still alive, if he was not at work he was at home and was not in the habit of going out on his own. The young lady also did not recognise his children, which she probably ought to have done had she ever seen photographs of them. She has since the funeral been almost daily in touch with my client insisting that she is in contact with her husband as she has the gift of being able to communicate with those who have passed over and passing on information that supposedly comes from the now deceased husband of my client. This is causing my client some distress and her question is whether or not this person can really communicate with those who have passed over in general and with her husband in particular and whether the information being given is true.

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Of the utmost importance in a horary chart is the assigning of the significators. The querent is easy as she is signified by Saturn, the sign that rules the Capricorn ascendant. Saturn is placed in the tenth house of the mother and she is presently living in her mother’s home. She is also a Capricorn Sun.

Saturn is exalted in Libra and angular in the tenth house, so she has plenty of essential dignity, although damaged by being retrograde.

I decided to use the seventh house – the house used for other people in general – as no relationship or friendship exists between the querent and the quesited.

The sign on the cusp of the seventh house is Cancer therefore the Moon represents the quesited.

The Moon in Pisces has no essential dignity therefore she is Peregrine. A planet that is Peregrine is not essentially bad but is more inclined towards evil than good. The Moon is ruled by Jupiter in Taurus, also Peregrine, and exalts Venus in Gemini, also Peregrine, Retrograde and Combust.

Is this lady telling the truth? I don’t think so!

Is she communicating with my client’s deceased husband? I am unaware of any house that represents people who have passed over, but just for information we can allocate a significator as though my client’s husband were still living.

Here there can be a choice of two. The first is to find the significator from my client, which would normally be the seventh house also used for significant others. This is already allocated to the quesited so the next house along would be the eighth house, with Leo on the cusp, therefore the significator would be the Sun.

The Sun at 20.12 Gemini does not receive the Moon and the Moon at 11.38 Pisces does not receive the Sun, therefore communication is unlikely.

The second choice would be to find the significator from the quesited. There is a very large extended family so I would choose the third house from the quesited representing siblings and cousins in general. This would be the radical ninth with Virgo on the cusp and ruled by Mercury. Mercury in Cancer is ruled by the Moon therefore is favourably disposed towards the Moon. It is also Peregrine.

Mercury is in detriment and in fall in Pisces therefore is not favourably received by the Moon.

There is another barrier. Both Mercury and the Moon are placed in water signs and are therefore mute.

There is another way to find out if the information is true or false and that is to examine the third house. In order for the information to be true the ruler of the first house, the ruler of the third house, the Moon and the Moon’s dispositor should be in fixed signs and angular (1,4,7 &10) houses.

The Ruler of the first house – Saturn is in a cardinal sign and angular house.

The ruler of the third house – Jupiter is in a fixed sign and succedent house.

The Moon is in a mutable sign and in a cadent house.

The Moon’s dispositor – Jupiter is in a fixed sign and succedent house.

So we have 2 out of 4 for fixed – from the same planet, so really 1 out of three.

We have only one out of 4 in an angular house.

Therefore the majority vote goes to the “not true”

Neptune is also on the cusp of the third house indicating an emphatic “not true”.

It is possibly worth noting that the radical third house is the ninth house of the quesited. The ninth house is amongst other things the house of dreams, predictions and prophesies as well as those who predict and prophesy. Neptune on the cusp could indicate that the lady is quite deluded.

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My first serious introduction to Astrology was via a book by L. Birbeck, who provided shortened ephemerides for the planets. As a mother of four and grandmother to 6 children and one of 5 children, I had a fair number of personalities who were well known to me to gauge the effects of various planetary positions in the charts of individuals and was impressed by the accuracy of the interpretations.

That was around, but probably more than, 15 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. The telephone number of Cynthia – then chairperson of ASSA – was provided in the book. I called Cynthia and arranged to study her course with Carol Cardosa. I have also attended courses with the late Andrew Patterson and Lesley Athol Brown who provided valuable information and techniques in self knowledge and person-centered astrology, and have a diploma in horary Astrology.

The study of Astrology has enabled me to live life with awareness, purpose and humility by understanding and being able to correct aspects of myself that were counter-productive to my best interests.

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