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Twelfth House Mysterious and Misunderstood

Mysticism and mystery, places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments such as addictions, things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others, elusive, clandestine, secretive or unknown matters, privacy, retreat, reflection, and self-sacrifice, unconscious/subconscious, unknown enemies are many well know descriptions for the twelfth house.

As for the traditionalists some call it the major house of disease, institutionalisation, hospitalisation and secret enemies. It would seem as if they could fine nothing positive about the twelfth house

According to the traditional system of joys of planets in Guido Bonatti’s Liber Astronomia “Saturn rejoices in the 12th house because it is the house of sorrow, sadness, labour, lamentation and weeping. Saturn rejoices in these things and the like.”

“It has signification of private enemies and of witches, sorrow, tribulation, imprisonments, all manner of affliction and self-undoing and of such men as maliciously undermine their neighbours, or inform secretly against them” According to William Lilly.

The modern astrologers have taken a deeper look into this house and somewhat muddied the waters of the simple definitions quoted from the traditional textbook.

The twelfth house is in our blind spot. The Sun rises from the East, essentially the first house the house describing ME and all that pertains to me.

As the Sun rises from the first house and moves into the twelfth it blinds us, making it hard to see your twelfth house matters. Essentially placed behind the Sun makes it difficult if not impossible for us to see what is directly in front of the Sun.

According to Ptolemy, the twelfth house corresponds to that part of the sky, just above the horizon, where stars were obscured by the “thick, misty exhalations from the moistures of earth.”

According to the Egyptians, stars here were lost in, and debilitated by the sun’s light at sunrise. So planets placed in the twelfth house are obscured from reality.

This is why the Twelfth House is commonly referred to as the House of the Unconscious. Our subconscious works hard on our behalf, trying to make sense of our lives. Where there is no clarity only a misty shadow we experience fear and pain. It is in this context that we are confronted with our sorrows, suffering and secrets we keep from ourselves and from others.

Ultimately, we are also confronted with our fate: karma. Here we meet up with the results of everything we have done. It is said the karma from our past lives is found in this house. What have we brought upon ourselves and are we able to deal with it either consciously or unconsciously?

The unconscious state can help engender our successes, as well as assist us in coping with our failures. Success vs. failure: do we consciously confront our lives or subconsciously sweep things under the carpet? This house might more aptly be called the House of Reckoning.

The twelfth house allows us to review what we have learnt from the past so that we may decide how to move forward. If we can become aware of our unconscious musings we can tap into hidden strengths and or weaknesses.

“Self-undoing” is the most relevant of the traditional keywords to survive in the modern 12th house, and it’s potent enough to make us just as sick, imprisoned or enslaved. Pay attention to what irritates or frightens you as you progress through life because it’s quite likely this enemy lurks in the shadows of your own nature, described by your 12th house planets or cusp signs.

This house is where our social responsibilities and contributions are made to enhance the quality of other people’s lives. These are the unknown who need a service that becomes an integral part of our career. Many hidden resources are found here, often denied access as they lie buried with unpleasant facts about ourselves that we need to face. It is through helping and being of service to others that unlock these supressed anxieties and fears.

The twelfth house is how and where we respond to compassion or detachment when faced with the horror of animals or people enduring cruel and dehumanizing conditions often due to political, religious or economic conditions.

All our unresolved problems lie buried here, safely hidden from reality and swept away from sight. If one were to switch a light on to uncover all that is hidden in the twelfth house it could literally blow your mind. So carefully, with courage and trust using our subconscious mind we can find our way through our twelfth house.

One of the highest priorities given to us from the twelfth house is taking advantage of our deeply hidden resources and knowing without doubt that you can succeed.





Oh my goodness July brings in love, luck and agreeable connections. Propose, get married and seal connections of all types, be it business, new friendship or a simple as reconnecting with your loved one.

Financially this month has the potential of being lucky; windfalls and new financially orientated projects will open up, so too will your purse strings eager to invest.

Do not be surprised as lavish spending fees and exuberant good moods trigger overgenerous behaviour. This is one time where self-discipline in love and spending is not needed. Celebrations and fun events, team building and gathering will be successful happy events.

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I first became familiar with Astrology through the Sun sign columns published in magazines. My heart pumped with anticipation as I opened the Star Sign page, hoping to find a promise that love and luck would be coming my way.
The star signs just scratch the surface of this momentous, mysterious craft of Astrology. The deeper we look into Astrology, the more we realize how complex and fascinating this amazing this craft is. As we unfold layer after layer the correlations between the cosmos and life on Earth are revealed.

Source: Sublunar

What Astrology Can Do For Me? (Suitable for beginners)

I first became familiar with Astrology through the Sun sign columns published in magazines. My heart pumped with anticipation as I opened the Star Sign page, hoping to find a promise that love and luck would be coming my way.

The star signs just scratch the surface of this momentous, mysterious craft of Astrology. The deeper we look into Astrology, the more we realize how complex and fascinating this amazing this craft is. As we unfold layer after layer the correlations between the cosmos and life on Earth are revealed.

The term ‘Star Sign’ came about due to the fact that the Sun is the most visible star, the epicentre of our galaxy. It is even visible at night, as it is reflected off the Moon. From time gone back we natives (the place and time when you were born, that gives you ownership of a unique birthchart) wait with anticipation for the Sun’s appearance as he rises from the eastern horizon, heralding a new day.

The Sun is the vital force necessary for survival of our planet. It feeds energy and growth into every creature and plant. In one year it will journey through the twelve Zodiac signs in the 360 degree Zodiac circle.

Whichever sign the Sun is travelling through at the time of our birth, will become our “Sun sign”. This sign will describe the role the Sun plays in our chart. It is the most visible planet in the Nativity or birth chart, so the sign it is in describes our ego.

The Sun Sign columns pander to our ego and there is nothing more rewarding than having ones ego stroked. As the Sun is our vital force these columns have access to a generic understanding of the energy and health it provides us.

If only it were so simple! When a person is born, the very minute they take their first breath, their map of life is set. Our birth chart can be likened to a snap shot of the heavens taken from above and recorded onto a map.

Not only do we have a Sun sign representing our egos but we have a sign for each planet in our charts. The Moon sign describes our needs, the Mercury sign indicates the way we communicate and desirable Venus has a sign as well. Our Mars sign tells us all about how we take action and manage our tempers, while our Jupiter sign describe our higher potential and growth. The Saturn sign in our charts keeps us focused and in place.

Each planet that is visible has a sign in our charts and this sign describes how we work with that particular planet or asteroid in our everyday life.

This Map also known as the Nativity or more commonly our Birth Chart contains the information that will help the us get a full understand of who we are, the type of people we will attract and the wonderful individual journey this life brings.

As this map is a picture of the heavens, “as above so below”, it should come as no surprise that our birth charts contain all twelve Zodiac signs, as well as all the Planets and other exciting heavenly bodies.

It is fascinating to know we are all twelve signs. I can remember clearly with horror as student that I had Capricorn in my chart, I did not like Capricorns and now I too have a Capricorn area in my life, like we all do! No!!! How did that happen!

That sign that you really don’t like is a sign in your chart that can describe an area in your life that is challenging. In my Chart it was the area of large groups of people. I am somewhat of a recluse, so this is an area I am not comfortable with.

The Birth Chart is our map and can map out all areas in your life. Like a map we start off with a foundation. In Astrology this foundation is the houses. Houses are a way to divide the space surrounding our birthplace into sections of space seen from the place on Earth where we were born.

There are twelve houses, beginning at the point where the eastern horizon is at birth. This point marks the beginning of the first house that is the native, his body, health and manner towards others. It is what the native will expose to others, both his personality and looks.

When an Astrologer prepares to read a natal chart, he or she is going to need a structure to approach the reading of that horoscope. Astrologers need a reliable entrance into the natal chart and the key to this doorway is the Ascendant which is the beginning of the first house.

The Sun ascends from the eastern horizon and this is why we use this point as the entrance to the chart. Whatever sign is on the eastern horizon at birth will describe the first house of the native.

The sign rising is very important as everybody is aware of their body, its limitations and strengths. To understand how important bodies are, just ask anyone to forgo their dinner and you will find out how they are ruled by their body very quickly.

The Ascendant and rising sign are one and the same; following this we get the second house which is the foundation for resources and self-worth, the sign on the cusp (beginning) of that house describes the native’s money and worth. This is the house an Astrologer will look at if questions about money arise.

The seventh house is opposite to the first house and will describe the native’s partner as well as the type of people, other than family, that the native will deal with. The most public house found at the top of the chart is the tenth house of career and Mother.

We give this house to the mother, as it is our mothers that expose us to the public and push us into focusing on a career. The father is our mother’s partner and he is given the fourth house of the nativity, opposite to the mother. The father’s role is more hidden, as he is always away working to put a roof over our heads. The home he builds is also described by the sign on the cusp of the fourth house.

So we can see that every area in the native’s life is in their birth chart. The signs on the cusps of the houses will describe everything that we need to know about ourselves as well as every area of our lives.

It is the job of the Astrologer to answer the client’s questions and to have the ability to guide them along the correct path. This housing and sign system is certainly a means that Astrologers use to find the answers.

There is another very important layer to bring to the nativity and that is the planets. They are celestial bodies that have an influence on people and events on earth, from earthquakes to nurturing rain as well as storms.

In a birth chart the planets are the main actors, the sign they are in describes the role they have come to play. The houses they reside in will indicate the platform from which they act.

Saturn is a planet of structure and authority. If it is in the first house the Astrologer will pick up the fact that this person will have a structured personality and feels comfortable with facts. If Saturn is in the sign of Taurus which describes security and practicality, the client will find structure through practical means by themselves, not through others.

Each house, planet and sign has a very specific role to play in the nativity of a client. Through commitment and study the Astrologer brings the birth chart to life and will see it as an active living map.

Some clients fear this ability Astrologers have in interpreting charts. They worry about what we can see. Let me put your fears to rest, we see potential; where the potential is lacking we can advise how to activate it.

As an Astrologer it is our job to know how to interpret this map and through interpretation, bring it alive for our clients. Once the chart is understood and all the players are doing what they should, we learn that there is yet another layer that can have a profound effect on the native. These are the Transits.

Transits come along and trigger events in the life of the native. Transits are the planets that orbit around us every second of the day. If any one of these transiting planets connects with a planet in the birth chart, something related to the transiting planet and the one in the client’s nativity will activate.

There are good connections and bad ones. These transits push us and in some cases kick us into action, so they are necessity if we are to learn the art of life.

Astrologers will study the motion of the planets, the time spent in houses as well as the signs and how this affects their clients. The astrologers even know when things will happen.

Space is always moving and time is never still. Astrologers study the movement of the planets around the birth chart. As the native ages the chart changes each year, bringing about subtle and sometimes not so subtle shifts in the original birth chart, so another layer of colour is added to life.

Astrology is the study of time and place. Many a client will ask a question: for example- “Will this marriage happen and if so when?” With the correct birth time, progression of the clients chart, as well as a clear knowledge of where to look in the chart, the Astrologer can work out if the marriage will in fact happen and if so when.

One of the roles of the Astrologer is to help clients find the correct time for events. We know where the transiting planets are and what these planets are capable of doing. We know when it is safe to sign a document or buy a new car. We understand the behaviour of the planets at any given time.

If only President Zuma had consulted with an astrologer before setting the date for the state of nation address, he could have prevented such an epic failure. The planet Mercury which is the natural ruler of communication was in a bad state and not moving at all as it was stationary on that day. Cell phones, communicative tools were jammed, opposition parties all vied to be heard, but could not get a word in edgeways because of the chaos. That is what a transiting planet can do.

This is our role, so this is what we do. We have the ability to find the correct time for an event. We guide you away from decisions that could be destructive. We advise you of opportunities and good times, we steer you away from harmful paths and empower you with strengths that you were not aware you had.

Astrology helps you to be you and to accept yourself for who you are. There are no flaws in a character. They are all challenges to make you into the person your charts show that you are supposed to be. An Astrologer can help you understand yourself and show you through your chart that it is “ok to be you”.

When you decide that it is the right time to consult with an Astrologer it is wise to find the correct Astrologer. Research carefully. With Google’s help you can find out who is genuine and who is a charlatan. Find an Astrologer who is qualified and known amongst their peers.

If the Astrologer has a blog or website it will list their strengths and give you some insight to whom they are and what type of Astrology they practice. Are they publishing articles or posting on the media, do they give talks? These questions are important as it is these qualities you need to look for in an Astrologer.

Do not be afraid to ask question before deciding to commit to any given Astrologer. I personally have had clients who have sent me a list of questions about myself and my practice. I encourage this.

I hope this article has enlightened you to the wonders of Astrology. Some of you may be encouraged to have your charts read, others may even decide to study this fascinating empowering craft and become an Astrologer.


Laurie Naughtin brings her sensitivity, rich life experience and extensive knowledge to every client with whom she consults, combining both a medical and metaphysical past with her astrological talents. Laurie is the founder of Sublunar Academy of Astrology where beginners, modern, advanced astrology skills, rectification and Horary courses are offered. Her courses have been internationally accredited.

Laurie started her studies with Anita Noyes-Smith, Medieval with Robert Zoller, advanced astrological studies including time rectification and relocation with Jeanette Martins, Horary with Jacqueline Brook and completed her Consulting skills course with ISAR in 2012.

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The Uranus Plutos Square – A Hard Aspect

Last week I received a rather muddled query from a client about the present hard aspect between Uranus and Pluto.  This is what I wrote.

Uranus and Pluto are not currently in conjunction (sitting side by side).  The last time U was conjunct P (in Virgo) was in the mid-60’s, leading to the ‘hippie’ and ‘flower child’ and ‘ban the bomb’ and ‘get out of Vietnam’ and ‘we won’t serve in the army’ phenomena and a whole new social paradigm, which happens every time U&P are in difficult alignment (aspect) with each other.  The effects of the conjunction, historically, lasted practically the whole of the 60’s.  This time round, because U is the quicker moving of the two planets, it has reached a 90 degree angle away from P.  Uranus in Aries is therefore now in SQUARE to Pluto in Capricorn – a ‘hard’ aspect, second in severity to the conjunction.

What you need to understand is that astrologers are not really predictive (even when they think they are!!)  This is what we do!  Whenever two outer (slow moving) planets come into hard aspect with each other, we google the history back for as many hundreds of years as we wish, looking for a consensus or common denominators in global events.  Every exact hit that is made is effective for about 6-9 months either side exactitude (the ‘effective’ orb).  The maddening thing about outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) is that they ALL go retrograde (move backwards) once each year.  They thus will always make three exact hits – the forward pass – the retrograde pass – and again the forward pass.

Three common factors have been discovered by doing this kind of research with Uranus and Pluto.
1                 Severe revolutionary social action (Uranus)
2                 Rapid technological progress (Uranus)
3                 The collapse of banks and governments (Pluto)

What is totally unprecedented (for as far back as we can go) is that the present UsquareP has not occurred only three but seven times because of their relative planetary motion.  Seven hits actually makes the present squares more ominous and powerful than the 1960’s conjunctions.  This slow planetary ballet has, as a result, lasted an excruciatingly long time, allowing for an orb of influence both before and after each hit.  Hereunder are the seven dates of the exact squares.  Add on 6-9 months either side, and you will see that we have been experiencing negative global effects since early 2012 continuing to the end of 2015, and the historical after effects will last well into the foreseeable future.  I believe most thinking people will agree that the world is in turmoil!

24 June 2012      (Arab Spring and the crash of many middle East states, some still ongoing as in Syria)
19 Sept 2012      (Same and more – Marikana!)
21 May 2013      (Collapse of Lehman’s bank around this time (exact date escapes me!) causing the domino effect)
01 Nov 2013       (Dozens of banks and bankrupt country’s finances crashing)
22 Apr 2014        (Said to be the worst one with all effects peaking)
15 Dec 2014        (Continuing sit-ins, strikes, civil disobedience(?) etc., etc.)
17 Mar 2015       (Are you relieved to see the last one behind us?  Don’t be !  The piper has to be paid!)

To end with, here is a brief (and necessarily superficial) interpretation of the present Uranus square Pluto.

Uranus (revolution, chaos, the common man, fanaticism) in Aries (appalling barbaric wars, killings, mass murder, abductions) Square (one side always at odds with the other) Pluto (collapse, annihilation, power struggles, death, disease (Ebola?), technology run amok, painful transformation) in Capricorn (entrenched corporate structures, patriarchal society, big business mostly male dominated (banks and governments) which have now become irrelevant and must transform or die).

A call for Freedom

2011 (part I) – A call for freedom
By Maurice Fernandez

Greetings Everyone!
2010 is almost over leaving most of us marked quite deeply by its tempestuous passage. Astrologically speaking, it was no surprise as it seems that whoever is behind the organization of planetary positions ensured that the blend of intensity would hurl everything into the mix including the kitchen sink and in high doses. Some of us managed to harness the strong forces at play in order to crack open patterns and access completely new ground while others were essentially ravaged by the elements; the majority of us ended up somewhere in the middle, having fluctuated  between breakthroughs and breakdowns.

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Looking back, 2010 was a year that propelled people forward whether by choice or by circumstance…the urge to “take the plunge” was compelling…some made the leap consciously, while others felt pushed into it. And yet, with this strong calling for change, many felt they were simultaneously held back and not able to go forward all the way; the future was calling, but the past—often unyielding and asking for its dues—left many in the twilight zone, sometimes trapped in frustration.
The series of events that manifested under the 2010 planetary cycle was surely shocking, and at times truly bizarre: perhaps symbolically, European airports, especially Heathrow, in England, reflected the bewilderment when repeatedly pounded by strikes, extreme weather conditions, or volcanic ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano that stalled all activities. On other shores, the series of Haitian plagues have almost become casual news, and the trauma of the Gulf spill remains deeply marked in our consciousness—along with new and controversial figures like Assange—a public outcry was fostered against the misuse of power by those in authority.
This intensity continues until the very last days of 2010 since a dramatic and tight lunar eclipse conjuncts December’s solstice point, generating a new wave of intensity throughout the month. When I wrote an article last year about the then coming year of 2010, I predicted that by the end of it, one’s life would not be the same; this seems to have held true: all around me I see the entire planet earth in transition, with the past left behind and not yet fully integrated into the future.
We step into 2011 in that state of transition, excited, bewildered, overwhelmed, and some of us completely renewed. Like previous articles of this kind, I will attempt to explain the planetary cycles ahead while keeping the language accessible to non-astrologers; basic terms will be utilized.
From a planetary standpoint, I would say that 2011 actually begins around January 20th when the planet Jupiter moves into the sign of Aries. Jupiter will rush through the sign of Aries, remaining only 5 months in that sign until early June (unlike other Jupiter passages that typically last about a year in a sign). This accelerated motion seems to capture the character of the times ahead. The pace will be sped up, particularly during the first half of the year. We may envision the energy of Jupiter in Aries much like an uncompromising force: raw in its expression, and highly charged emotionally.  There is a peak excitement, a surge of adrenaline, and a powerful eruption of creative energy; it is a birthing process, catapulting us into newness and action. A new phase of your life is now actively in the making!
This particular cycle receives considerable support from a series of other planets joining Jupiter in Aries, creating a climax, perhaps orgasmic, when by the April 2nd new Moon, 7 planets (Eris included) will be aligned in this sign! It is not possible to remain still or indifferent under such a concentration of energy and the answer is to take action! People will be highly inspired to act, change, and follow their truth. This is not a time to succumb to anxiety or insecurities—it is about risk and action. The need for autonomy and breaking away from any form of external control will be tremendous…almost unstoppable.
Those who have a background in astrology will find it significant to pinpoint where the sign of Aries is located in their charts to identify the area of focus where this burst of change and creativity will be most active.
Along with the fiery energy of Aries, the nodal axis moves from Cancer/Capricorn into Gemini/Sagittarius by March—the good news about it is that compared to 2010, this shift is bound to infuse more lightness into the year as it fosters motion to help energy circulate more fluidly.
If (as I mentioned earlier) during 2010, people were caught between the future and the unyielding past, by the first quarter of 2011 the shackles will be severed and the motion focused primarily forward. This powerfully expressive and uncompromising energy awakens the primal self in people: the warrior, the creator, and the dissident. It is time for the instincts to lead rather than the mind, potentially bringing interesting developments: more protest and activism, new projects being launched, and leadership redefinition. It is going to be loud… At its worst, this form of release will unleash aggression, as repressed emotions may erupt destructively. The compelling need for independence may foster ruptures. At its best, it is a call for freedom—a myriad of seeds will be planted to eventually remodel all forms and structures of our lives. Along with the emergence of new life, the past will claim that debts be paid and require us to relinquish something. This may manifest as a difficult rupture and/or sacrifice for some.
Along with this fire raging in our soul and lighting up the skies, an equally unique manifestation occurs in early April: the planet Neptune moves temporarily into its own sign of Pisces, for the duration of 4 months only (April-August). Neptune will move decisively into Pisces by February 2012 for approximately 14 years.
In simple terms Neptune represents all that we cannot control—that which came before civilization and human intervention. Thus, as it travels through the sign of Pisces, humans will be in the hands of the greater elements, nature, and the infinite cosmos. With Neptune in Pisces, the limit is beyond what the mind conceives, higher than the sky, way past the horizon…but be warned: without inner centeredness and integrity as guiding principles, this vastness is a maze that may blur our senses, potentially generating false perceptions, and thus, disorientation and debilitation. Natural events of extreme nature are bound to continue affecting our existence. With Neptune in Pisces, nature has a stronger hand over civilization.
The deeper message is that the influence of Neptune through Pisces provides a larger context, a profound and more distant calling, or a more “religious” inspiration to the previously described influence of planets in Aries responsible for the surge of creativity. The sum of it all represents a wide open field where chaos and creation collide—a space for higher inspiration, adventure, risk, unexpected results, unrestrained expression, wildness, instability, magic, and self-dedication; the spirit wants not only to be freed, but to answer a deeper calling! While security in material realms will be fleeting, one may find clarity and strength in higher dedication. (For a full article written by Maurice Fernandez on Neptune in Pisces, read the forthcoming issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine—July/August 2011 issue).
From July onward, the climate shifts and the concentrated planetary influences are more diluted. The new seeds planted during the first part of the year will pass through a “test of time,” and of all the new initiatives, only a few will manage to truly take root—credibility will be tested. Indeed, the second part of 2011 is mostly about grounding the energy and nourishing it. From a career standpoint, it will be time to assess what brings adequate remuneration out of the new projects. From a spiritual point of view, it is about integrating the vastness of higher inspiration and vision within the confines of time and space…while the spirit demands its freedom, it still needs to demonstrate substantial promise “down here!” Thus, excesses, far-fetched ideals, or visions too far ahead of their time will falter.
In simple terms, I strongly encourage you to utilize the energy of the first months of 2011, particularly from the end of January until the end of June, to step out of your comfort zone and advance your life. Despite economic strain and collective insecurities, it is a time to step out and conquer life. If you want to promote a new project, embark on a journey, or break free from unfulfilling life conditions, this will be a time to dismantle the shackles—this is your time! Do risk and be prepared for an acceleration of processes. Along with inspiration and highs, expect crashes too because this energy is volatile, and like riding an untamed horse, it will try to shake you off balance at times. However, with all the risks involved, this time is unique: truly, a portal to a new dimension of yourself.
You will be inspired to follow your truth in all autonomy and without compromise—this call for freedom can at times compromise cooperation. To avoid whimsical or merely reactive behavior, I emphasize again that actions must serve a greater context, not solely immediate personal needs.
Importantly, this energy can at times make you feel invincible and thus neglectful about self care. Lack of sleep, overstimulation of adrenals and energy crashes, or migraines are possible repercussions. It is best avoid caffeine during these months because you will be stimulated enough from stardust. Physical exercise will be tremendously helpful to provide an outlet for the internal buildup…the body will need to sweat and motion will bring inspiration, helping to circulate the flow.
January 20: Jupiter moves into Aries until June 4, 2011 – The freedom of spirit.
March 3: The Nodes move into Gemini/Sagittarius until August 2012 – Circulation and exchange.
March 12: Uranus moves into Aries until 2018 – Intelligent action to create a new future.
April 2 and 3: New Moon in Aries aligning 7 planets in the sign – Breaking away from the past.
March 4: Neptune moves into Pisces until August 6 2011 (and then from February 2012-2025) – Aligning our core with needs greater than our own.
June 6: Jupiter moves into Taurus – Integrating spirit into matter.

May we all have the courage to bring forth the best of ourselves:  to heal, inspire, and create, while guided by heart. Allow the internal hero to emerge and do not wait to be rescued by another. Importantly, save yourselves from being self-righteousness … whatever truth you wish to bring forth, allow that truth to speak for itself with grace.
May love guide your way;
Maurice Fernandez

This article may be shared with anyone as long as it is not modified and credits are mentioned.
Further reading by the author: Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness—Volume One.

Signatures As Above So Below


Everything in this sublunary world is governed and given form by the energies of the planets. In this series of articles we will look at how this planetary influence can be seen in the concrete environment, astrology is not theoretical knowledge you find in books, it is alive and it is everywhere around us. In herbs, metals, precious stones and natural substances the diverse aspects of a planetary energy can often be seen very clearly and when we have recognized the planet we can use this knowledge for example for medical purposes, to strengthen weak points in the natal chart or even to enhance spirituality. The consciousness of the fact that the planets are so close to us and that our entire world, also its material side, is given form by astrological factors is very healthy. It shows the supremacy of the astrological model over the materialistic, scientific world view which has affected us moderns so deeply that we really have to make an effort to learn to think in the right way again. You cannot do astrology if you think like a scientist.

In this article we will look at the great benefic Jupiter.

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Article written by Laurie Naughtin

Professional Astrologer and Tutor

I have always been interested in finding out how come twins with virtually the same chart can look and behave so differently, or with identical twins how come they behave differently. In this article I am researching the difference in the temperament of the twins.

Twins are either Fraternal or (dizygotic) meaning twins resulting from the simultaneous fertilization of two egg cells, or Identical or (monozygotic) twins resulting from the fertilization of a single egg the subsequently divides to give two separate fetuses.

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The Myth behind the Heirophant

The Myth behind the Hierophant
By Leigh Goldberg
According to the Mythic Tarot (Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene), the Hierophant is represented by Chiron. Chiron was the king of the Centaurs, healer, priest and wise teacher of all the young heroes in myth. Chiron was educated by Apollo the sun-god and Artemis the moon-goddess, and because of his great wisdom and spirituality was made king of the Centaurs and given the task of instilling into the young Greek princes of noble houses the spiritual values and respect for divine law