Cynthia Thorburn


One of South Africa’s leading astrologers and teachers, Cynthia Thorburn has been practising astrology for more than thirty years, holds a Diploma (with Distinction) from the Mayo School of Astrology (UK), and won the Roy Allin award for the best paper worldwide.  She has attended the London Faculty’s Oxford Summer School and been published in their prestigious ‘Astrological Journal’.

Cynthia is a founding member of the Astrological Society of SA (ASSA) serving as Chairperson for four years.  She is now the Director and an Honorary Life Member.

Personal Consultations

Projection Chart for the year ahead (Transits, Progressions, Returns, Hit Dates)
Natal Chart (Birth Chart Analysis)
Career Chart
Child’s Chart
Synastry Chart (Compatibility Analysis – two people)
Horary Analysis (Ask a Question – by Phone)

Personal consultations only and in Gauteng only.  Sessions are two hours and you need to bring your own recording device e.g. cell phone


The Principal and tutor of the Thorburn School of Astrology is Michelle Vincent.

Michelle has 16 years’ experience in astrology and an extensive background in Archetypes, Coaching (Life, Business and Executive) NLP.
A 2.5 hour class weekly.  No huge deposits.  Fees payable monthly.
Although some calculations are taught in order to understand computer printouts, manual calculations are not required for class work or exams

Any person wishing to revise their astrology may join the course at any stage

Exams optional.  On successful completion of 3 papers, students are awarded the

Diploma of the Thorburn School of Astrology

The Diploma equips you to pursue a career as a professional astrologer

Course Material

Planets – Signs – Houses – Elements & Qualities – Dignities & Reception – Aspects & Aspect Patterns – Point Counts – Chiron – Major Asteroids – Moon Phases – Nodes – Chart Gestalts – Eclipses – Fixed Stars – Arabian Parts – Career – Synastry – Midpoints – Rectification – Transits – Progressions – Solar Arcs – Solar Returns – Astronomy – Psychology – Famous People’s Charts – Quizzes – Artwork – Computer Programs – Intensive work on Students’ Charts

For further details contact Cynthia (011 867 4153 – cmethorburn@gmail.com)
OR Michelle Vincent (082 458 1079 – info@michellevincent.co.za)