Cynthia Thorburn


Cynthia Thorburn is one of South Africa’s leading astrologers and teachers. She has been practising astrology for over twenty years, holds a Diploma (with distinction) with the Mayo School of Astrology and won the Roy Allin Award for the best paper world-wide.

She has attended the London Faculty0s Oxford Summer School and has been published in their prestigious Astrology journal.

Cynthia is a founding member of ASSA and served as Chairperson for four years. She is now a director and honorary life member. She has had numerous articles published in ASSA’s magazine Aspects.


Laurie Naughtin

Chairlady and Media Contact

Laurie Naughtin is the founder of Sublunar Academy of Astrology where correspondence as well as individual courses are taught.
Laurie has International approval for her teachings; students qualifying will be eligible for the International Traditional Astrologer’s directory.

Laurie is qualified in Medical, Modern, Traditional and Horary astrology.
Specializing in Time rectification and Newborn charts.

She runs talks and presentations for media and public in general.


Margaret Mullen


My first serious introduction to Astrology was via a book by L. Birbeck, who provided shortened ephemerides for the planets. As a mother of four and grandmother to 6 children and one of 5 children, I had a fair number of personalities who were well known to me to gauge the effects of various planetary positions in the charts of individuals and was impressed by the accuracy of the interpretations.

That was around, but probably more than, 15 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. The telephone number of Cynthia – then chairperson of ASSA – was provided in the book. I called Cynthia and arranged to study her course with Carol Cardosa. I have also attended courses with the late Andrew Patterson and Lesley Athol Brown who provided valuable information and techniques in self knowledge and person-centered astrology, and have a diploma in horary Astrology.

The study of Astrology has enabled me to live life with awareness, purpose and humility by understanding and being able to correct aspects of myself that were counter-productive to my best interests.

My day job is in the accounting and auditing field and provides the variety that I need in life.


Michelle Vincent


Michelle Vincent, a Master NLP Facilitator, is passionate about people finding tools to empower themselves and to find their true self. In pursuit of this truth, she has studied astrology, NLP, archetypes, numerology and metamorphosis healing. Michelle has also been part of the corporate world and has a BA (Wits) and a MBA (RAU). She lives with her son and two cats, Tigger and Charlie.

Michelle started working with Archetypes in 2005 and with her background in astrology took to it like a duck to water. This is because each person has 12 personal archetypes which are placed within the astrological wheel of 12 houses and interpreted as such.


Dawn Carter

Mailing list and Events coordinator

Dawn’s interest in astrology has been a life-long process.  Having done a few short courses under various local astrologers in the past, Dawn completed Cynthia Thorburn’s two-year course in astrology.

Over the years, Dawn has also studied N.L.P., Regression Therapy, The Tarot, Graphology and completed numerous courses by great teachers such as John Demartini, Robin Sharma, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Dr Brian Weiss, Diana Cooper and many others.

As a metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental and ascended master realms in her workshops, Dawn is currently a practising Lifestyle Coach, an Astrologer, a Regression (past-life) Therapist and an Inspirational Architect.