Dawn E. Carter


www.souldirection.co.za    &    info@souldirection.co.za

Dawn’s interest in astrology has been a life-long process.  Having done a few short courses under various local astrologers in the past, Dawn completed Cynthia Thorburn’s two-year course in astrology.

Over the years, Dawn has also studied N.L.P., Regression Therapy, The Tarot, Graphology and completed numerous courses by great teachers such as John Demartini, Robin Sharma, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Dr Brian Weiss, Diana Cooper and many others.

As a metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental and ascended master realms in her workshops, Dawn is currently a practising Lifestyle Coach, an Astrologer, a Regression (past-life) Therapist and an Inspirational Architect.


  • Learn what astrology is & what it can do for you
  • Enjoy interpreting your own natal chart
  • Explore the planets, signs, houses & aspects
  • Delve into transits & progressions

Join me and you will learn the basic fundamentals of the amazing science of astrology!


I offer a 90 minute one-on-one private consultation for a Natal Chart reading, which includes Transits and Progressions for the year ahead.  The focus is to move towards your most positive and empowering personal traits and in so doing discover the essence of your excellence.


  • An empowering and highly motivational two-day workshop, known as “Living with Passion!
  • Regression therapy –  Past life regression therapy can heal our mind, body and soul.  Release those negative traits including fear, anger, hatred, violence and discover inner peace, joy and happiness.
  • Angel workshops  –  We are all surrounded by loving and powerful angels.  These divine beings want to assist us in all areas of our lives such as our career, our relationships, our family challenges, our health, etc.  Join my 12-week course (one 2 ½ hour session per week) and learn to invoke and work with your Angels.
  • Tarot 6-week workshops  –  The Tarot is a tool for awakening our intuitive faculties, for putting us in touch with our inner world.  It is a metaphorical system that leads us on a path of the mythical hero, a path of adventure and self-discovery.

For all further information kindly call Dawn on 071-869-7469