Gail Gardner 18 February 2013

Delineation of Nikki’s Birth Chart

In structuring my interpretation of Nikki’s Birth Chart, I have included the use of Numerology and Karl Jung’s Archetypes where applicable. These have re-affirmed the patterning, that has emerged from her chart.



Nikki’s Numerology

Birthdate: 15/08/1963

15 = 6

8 = 8

1963 14


= 24 = 5

 = 6 Life Path Number

Time of Birth: 08:05 am



13 = 4

Overview of her Life

Nikki has come into this life with a great deal of inherent power [highest score conjunctions / 3 x 1’s/ 2 x 8’s/ overview Capricorn]. This will enable her to stand firmly within her own identity, achieve her goals, and overcome the difficulties and challenges that are being presented to her.

She is a highly intelligent person, [2 x 6’s / Mercury in Virgo (dignity) conjunct ascendant, conjunct Pallas Athene] who is gifted with enormous professional ability. She uses her lateral, analytical mind to rationalize and solve problems. The 6’s in her numbers will enable her to take the creativity of the number 3 to a higher mental level. She will constantly need to balance her rational mind structure with her innovative ability. [Saturn in Aquarius 6th (dignity) and Dispositor Uranus in Virgo 12th/ also numbers 1 and 5]

She is certainly going to face major transformation and radical change in her life. [Her DNA core is interrupted by the Asc, Pallas, Pluto and Uranus].

Her number 6 Life Path will cause her to face major relationship challenges [Chiron in Pisces conjunct descendent – Dispositor Neptune in Scorpio 2nd] affecting her self-worth, assets, career and finances. She suffers from a classic freedom / closeness dilemma [Mars in Libra 1st, opposition Jupiter in Aries 7th], which shows that she needs a partner who understands her desire for independent interests that allow her individual growth. Nikki clearly needs her ‘own space’ and wouldn’t be content with the boredom of everyday routine.

Her number 6 Life Path dictates a need for her to find the perfect relationship; [Neptune ruling 7th] family and home [Jupiter ruling 4th] with “white picket fence, two dogs, two cats and perfect children” [Saturn ruling the 5th]. Unfortunately we tend to sabotage the very thing to which we give the greatest energy.

I don’t see Nikki as the victim in relationships but rather as the Saviour / Idealist Archetype, who in her need to balance her strong desire for independence [3 x 1’s / strong Eastern Hemisphere] and being in a relationship [6 Life Path and Stellium in Libra 1st] doesn’t see partners realistically. Perhaps she sees a version of a ‘God’ who must fulfil her needs [Mars in the Libra 1st opposition Jupiter in Aries 7th]. Because she is looking for self-perfection here, he is definitely going to disappoint her. She experiences difficulties in relationships where others seem to fight her [ascendant in Aries 7th, in Antiscia chart]. In reality they are fighting not to be the image she projects on them [perhaps more tolerance and acceptance will come through her encountering the more Martian qualities of Aries and the 1st house]. Through establishing her own identity in relationships she may have to accept that not everyone is going to like her if she is being true to herself.

Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse

Nikki was born at a time of a PNSE that suggested the following. “Unexpected events involving friends or groups place a great deal of pressure on personal relationships. These relationships may loom large as the eclipse affects the chart. The individual would be wise not to make any hasty decisions, since information is distorted and probably false.” (The Eagle and the Lark, Bernadette Brady). [I find it fascinating that Neptune is ruling her 7th house].

Nikki is ultimately here to learn the art of nurturing and mothering [Nodal destiny and rather unaspected Moon in the 10th], but with the lack of 2’s in her numbers she is certainly not co-dependent in relationships, but rather tends to make idealistic choices here [in her Antiscia chart, her Jupiter in Virgo is in the 12th. She is unconsciously very critical and will move towards the Contra-Antiscia of Jupiter in Pisces, indicating growth through compassion and suffering. In the Contra-Antiscia chart Chiron in Aries is in her 7th house – her healing will come through personal wounding here].


I would discuss the planetary weighting in Nikki’s chart, showing her the prominence of planets on the Eastern side and in the 4th quadrant [Independent / Extrovert with a superior earth function and an inferior fire function]. Here the demands of her subconscious [Stellium 12th] nature will place restrictions upon her. Tensions occurring between her inner and outer world will be shown by her ability to adjust. She will be challenged by the world to face her own subconscious issues [the area where she ultimately has the greatest power]. The key point here is her ascendant Her strong eastern hemisphere centres around the expression of her own identity and self will.

She will put a great deal of attention upon the larger issues of the world (4th quadrant) and work toward social improvement [North Node 11th and 10th house Moon], but only in accordance with her own ideals. She needs to worry about overemphasizing her individuality to the point where she battles to integrate herself with anyone else [North Node Cancer 11th].

She may tend to push away all outside influence that is not under her control, wanting to be her own boss at all times [10th house Moon and South Node in Capricorn 5th]. She needs to compromise, accept her own and other’s emotions and release the need to control. This will be an enormous challenge for her because she is fiercely independent and has a strong Capricorn presence [overview Capricorn]. I did find it interesting that her Leo Sun Sign is underscored, according to a point count of all the planetary energies and all her Leo energy actually sits hidden in the 12th house of her chart. This does however resonate with her healing profession where a large portion of her work was probably done in hospitals.

The strongly weighted Eastern side of her chart will also necessitate some time in her life when she will be alone and need to stand on her own due to the loss of a job, home, husband or finances [Sun / Moon = Chiron]. Nikki may be self defensive and feel the need to protect herself [Mars in Libra 1st opposition. Jupiter in Aries 7th] against others.

Natal Moon Phase

Nikki was born at the time of a LAST QUARTER MOON PHASE. This particular phase is considered by Astrologers to represent the “Dark Night of the Soul” of considerable Spiritual awakening. This reaffirms her need to face losses in her life and make adjustments to the attachment of the “Status Quo”. She will experience major shifts in consciousness. She may tend to question why she has so much upheaval in her life. She will deal with this though by connecting with her inner self. [The prominent 12th house Stellium].

This Natal phase is all about rebirth. She needs to allow the birth by embracing the new and letting go of the death of the familiar past to which she would obviously be attached [Combust Venus in Leo 12th ruling her 2nd house – would give her a hedonistic attachment to beautiful things]. She may find that the past is totally obliterated and she has no option but to embrace the new.

Self and Ideals (relating to Moon Phase)

[Nikki’s 12th Ascendant and Mercury conjunctions, all ruling her Midheaven in Gemini hold enormous importance here]. This Natal phase places a “major emphasis on individual integrity, founded on personal commitment to an ideal, principle or philosophy that they feel responsible for expressing and communicating to the world” (Queen of the Night, Hadyn Paul). [Ascendant / Midheaven = Mercury]. Nikki definitely has a Net worker / Communicator Archetype in her career environment and her 10th house Moon (in dignity) has great ability to connect with the needs of the masses. It is her key to unlocking her own emotions [weakly aspected Moon]. She may find that although she has the vision and inspiration for future progress [Uranus in Virgo ruling her Midheaven] she tends to be ‘ahead of her time’. She may feel alienated, misunderstood and trying to fulfil a secret destiny [Pluto conjunct Uranus in the 12th / and 2 x 8’s] for which she seems to be a pioneer [3 x 1’s and Jupiter in Aries 7th].

Nikki can be vulnerable to criticism and may be so focused on her particular life path that flexibility or compromise will seldom be allowed. People born at this phase often have a ‘collective responsibility’ to release ‘future seeds’ into the continuing historical drama and their lives may symbolize the germinating seeds for change.

I’m sure that Nikki will feel that her Soul has agreed to a very difficult life [Sun / Moon = Pluto – a soul torn by conflict, biased attitude or changed circumstances, leading to critical phases of development in life or to separation from others (Reinhold Ebertin – Cosi)]. All her inner delving, transformation and enlightenment will serve to completely integrate her ego and emotions. The rewards will come as a result of her evolution [Sun/ Moon = Part of Fortune]. She will also benefit the collective through integrating her own identity and feelings [Jupiter/ Pluto = Moon – 4th quadrant strong / Sun/ Midheaven = Jupiter and Sun/ Midheaven = Uranus – a realization of extraordinary and unusual (Cosi)].


Nikki’s birth chart shape again indicates certain personality traits and attributes [I found a strong resonance with the locomotive (although 6 houses were occupied not 7, the 8 signs were occupied). There was also evidence of a seesaw with strong oppositions and the polarity of ‘self versus other’]. Nikki’s locomotive shape re-affirms the fact that she is self driven, independent, willing to undertake hard work [Saturn in Aquarius 6th / 2 x 4’s] and an able executive [2 x 8’s/ Capricorn overview], who possesses specialized skills [number 6 and dispositor of Saturn = Uranus in 12th]. Nikki strongly needs to know how things work and why [Mercury in Virgo conjunct her ascendant and ruling her Midheaven]. She is very good at problem solving, organizing and creating ‘order out of chaos’ [Mystic rectangle incorporating her combust Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. These planets all display strong masculine energy].

Nikki has a Trapeze in her chart, which is always found in the chart of an achiever. Through this ‘dominant learning pattern’ [incorporating Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and the North Node] she will have the strength to ‘take the hero’s journey’ and resolve the problems of her life.

Her tendency towards the Seesaw shows the areas of conflict that need more balance. I feel that she is learning more about defending herself than about forming relationships [her 1st house Stellium with Mars conjunct Vesta in Libra opposition Jupiter in Aries 7th]. I think the balancing act here is strongly linked to the fact that she feels her ability to shine as a woman [dispositor of 1st house Stellium is Venus combust the Sun in her 12th] is strongly blinded and suppressed by her father, even though he is now deceased. Is this purely the generational patriarchal trait of ‘woman not having great value’ that causes Nikki to manifest such high intelligence, work so doggedly and state her independence from her father [Venus combust Sun in Leo opposition Saturn retrograde in Aquarius 6th]? I sensed that there was certainly some sort of Love/ Hate relationship between Nikki and her father [the numbers relating to Nikki’s birth time clearly showed some sort of physical (8) betrayal (5) = 13 of feminine self = 4 by the masculine/ father energy].

The other point of polarity in the Seesaw is between her rational intelligent professional image [the Animus side] and her feeling amorphous descendent [the Anima side conjunct Chiron in Pisces], which indicates a deep wound connected with grief. Should she analyse this logically or just accept it with compassion and understanding? [She may suffer many relationship hurts here as a repeat pattern of her early relationship with her father – Yod Jupiter / Saturn and Apex point Mercury].

Empty areas not considered in Gestalt

Although certain areas of her chart are not considered in the Gestalt, they highlight a great deal.

Destiny 5th and 11th

The 5th and 11th houses of her chart are strongly linked to her Destiny/ Life Path [South and North Nodes are part of a Cardinal Grand Cross with Mars and Jupiter].

Her life has, and still is, presenting situations that highlight her need to control everything and everyone [T-square Mars, Jupiter and Apex South Node 5th] according to her standards and unique ideas [Saturn ruling 5th and 5th being in Aquarius in 6th]. While this can be advantageous in her career, making her very ambitious, she will clearly not be a team player. Her maverick and authoritarian nature will be difficult for her children (with whom she may not be very patient), and romantic spontaneity. The 6th house, work area of her life will probably fluctuate between ‘organised chaos’ and too much obsession with ‘getting it right’ [while her Virgoan energy has enormously strong analytical ability, at times it can be somewhat pedantic and obsessive with Uranus]. Nikki should be extremely successful at taking well-calculated risks [Saturn in Aquarius 6th, dispositor Uranus in Virgo 12th, dispositor Mercury in Virgo 1st / number 5].

Nikki feels enormous responsibility for her family [Saturn ruling the 5th and the number 6 Life Path number], to the extent that she is possibly too fixated on the right outcome and doesn’t take the time to enjoy the process.

She is also being shown that she should work on her vulnerability [the watery side/ North Node] and stop hiding her fears in relationships.

She needs to acknowledge her feelings honestly [linked to her weakly aspected Moon and combust Venus]. I think that if she learns to stay centred in acceptance of her own emotions, she will find the foundation and security that will result in her not needing to gain respect or admiration from others [which is suggested by her 10th house Moon].

The journey into the lunar world is very frightening for her. She fears losing her sense of self in the process [T-square / Mars / Jupiter and apex point North Node in Cancer]. This is actually highly beneficial for her because she clings to her identity so tightly.

On this destiny path even a scientist or executive (both of which she is) must become a poet’. Joining the conscious and unconscious will result in great bursts of creative energy. Nikki will never lack ambition, but will find her ambition transformed through this. By tapping into her Moon and 12th house she will be able to use her resourcefulness and business sense to realize her creativity in a very lucrative physical form.

It is interesting to note that people with a 5th house South Node will often force themselves into a position of having to give up everything. Many of them experience divorce and loss of assets and status [Saturn in Scorpio 2nd in her Antiscia chart]. The past sense of dignity, leadership and control is very strong here but has outgrown its value. She must move beyond physically possessive relationships of past lives and value the more impersonal ones she is now forming. ‘Her most difficult tests always revolve around the temptation to control the flow of that river, yet her greatest happiness occurs when she can appreciate its beauty without tampering’ (Karmic Astrology – Martin Schulman).

Nikki has a lot of Nodal aspects in her chart. This indicates a fairly speedy process of evolutionary steps, hence the reason that she has already achieved and experienced so much by the age of 43.

Empty 4th House

As I looked at Nikki’s empty 4th house, I felt there was actually a strong connection to family values that she had removed or rejected [Jupiter ruling this house resonated with the fact that she had left the family’s ‘Afrikaans’ regime, gone off and studied at an English university]. I found it interesting that Jupiter was retrograde. Did she feel that she ‘didn’t quite fit’ into this family structure? I would ask Nikki if her marriage to Gary was also a statement of her independence [Jupiter in Aries 7th] from the kind of man her parents would have expected her to marry. Perhaps she was looking for the ‘God’ in her father and mirrored her own perception of that vision onto her husband. Jupiter ruling her 4th also shows the ‘sense of freedom’ she gained, from living in the natural environment of a Free State farm as a child. Perhaps her subconscious need for expansion actually resulted in her having a large family of her own (5 children).

Empty 3rd house

I would mention to Nikki that Pluto connecting to her empty 3rd house [Scorpio on cusp] often shows the death of a sibling, as has happened in her case. This could also point to a great deal of malicious underhanded chatter [Pluto in Virgo 12th] amongst neighbours, when her husband went off with a prostitute, resulting in the death of their marriage. Pluto rising people often live out some sort of ‘taboo’ in their lives, which society may judge as deviant. It’s as if one must get past the person’s secret before relating to the rest of that person [Virgoan duality].

I hoped that Nikki would realize that, whilst Pluto was linked to many ‘death’ expressions in her life, it was also her personal ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’, the key that would unlock her own powerful potential.

Empty 8th House

Nikki’s 8th house [ruled by Mars] shows her ability to take personal responsibility and action for handling of finances both in, and as a result of her relationships. It also points to the physical injury and abuse [Mars conjunct Vesta, Ceres and Juno all in Libra in the 1st house], she suffered as a result of her husband’s drinking and infidelity [Chiron in Libra 1st in her Antiscia chart]. Did Nikki’s commitment to the marriage cause her to feel she wanted to fight back, but didn’t actually do so? [Mars in detriment and accidental dignity]. Perhaps she accepted far more abuse than she should have [Ceres in Libra conjunct Juno – where ‘you suffer loss’]. Perhaps Nikki betrayed her own physical nurturing because of a sense of suppressed value as a woman [dispositor of the Libran Stellium – the combust Venus in the 12th]. Ceres in the 1st house ‘often experiences the imbalances of unjust relationships, disappointment and conflict, in attempts to align its ideals with reality’ (Demetra George – Asteroid Goddess). [Juno conjunct Mars would also show her internal rage when her husband betrayed or misused his vows of loyalty. The wrath of Juno would have its greatest impact when ‘he actually left her’’ even though the love in the marriage had probably been diminishing for a long time].

Empty 9th House

Nikki’s feelings about her lack of acknowledgement [Venus 12th ruling the 9th] are strongly linked to her ability to ‘find the God within’. [Her Venus trines Jupiter]. Holding onto her self-worth will always be a challenge because it links to her feminine suppression and strong need for individualized expression in her work environment [The fixed T-square. Venus / Saturn and apex Neptune 2nd shows her strong need to “retain whatever is possessed. Here acceptance and respect of other people’s values and possessions may be a Karmic theme”. (Dynamics of aspect analysis – Bill Tierney)].

Pluto Rising, weakly aspected Moon and Career

I would ask Nikki about her birth and conception [Pluto being conjunct Uranus and the ascendant]. Apart from this being indicative of a life of radical change and transformation [Ascendant and Mercury on critical degree – ‘rebirth through knowledge from the subconscious mind’], it could possibly refer to actual birth trauma, or the fact that her mother didn’t actually want the pregnancy. Did Nikki feel this sense of alienation, disconnection and abandonment as a foetus? [Pluto on fixed star, Zosma – ‘the planet here will involve suffering’ / also weakly aspected Moon and betrayal by mother in numbers 1,3 and 5] or did she feel the lack of emotional security and nurturing, as a child (waning Moon / Moon square Ceres). Nikki would need to find her own emotional security [Moon on an Aries point – ‘a new beginning’]. Although Nikki related well to others [Moon in dignity conjunct Midheaven in Gemini] in her career, both as an occupational therapist and salesperson, this was where she neglected her own feelings and desperately sought recognition and status [interesting link in Yod between Midheaven / Venus and apex South Node in Capricorn]. I think Nikki has become the ‘public mother’ who holds everything together, as a result of the void between her and her own mother. Her involvement in RDP housing shows her responsibility for the needs of the masses. Her business venture into animal feeds is perhaps compensation for the feeding and nurturing that she lacked.

I would suggest to Nikki that her Moon in Cancer requires that she look toward the influence of her own mother upon the formation of her values and beliefs. This will enable her to look with greater clarity at any emotional wounds that she still carries. She can then react consciously instead of automatically. This will then balance the denial of her needs and emotional, possessive control [weakly aspected Moon and South Node in Cancer 5th]. Nikki needs to realize that it is okay to feel vulnerable, angry or sad sometimes. I think that her worldly image is friendly and happy [Gemini on Midheaven] but that on the inside she is often crumbling [6th house Saturn in Aquarius dispositor / Uranus in Virgo linked to Midheaven in Gemini – a 6th house Saturn often shows depression and mood swings].

Nikki’s individuality will be emphasized in her career. She will use her strong analytical mind here [Ascendant / Midheaven = Mercury ‘the use of analytical, critical faculties through a scientific or commercial sphere’]. Her career will always be the tension point of her professional mind and image, and the relationship wounds of her life [Midheaven apex point of T-square with Mercury Ascendant and Chiron].

I feel that Nikki is over-critical of herself [Stellium in 12th / Ascendant and Mercury all in Virgo – Uranus in Virgo could give her a rather distorted view of herself]. She has a radical need to be seen as the intelligent, scientific side of the Virgo woman. Perhaps this is why she prefers the more masculine look [tomboyish, powerful body – Mars conjunct Ceres conjunct Juno 1st / dispositor Venus conjunct Sun 12th – where she almost betrays her own physical body as a woman / a tendency to express androgynous quality and defy the male/ female stereotypes]. Nikki may be living in the shadow of the image that her father gave her. [Venus combust the Sun opposition Saturn]. She probably won’t like herself and will be fixated on her appearance, to the extent that she will see a dismorphic version of herself when she stares in the mirror. [1+5=6 abstract view of herself tending towards excess. Also Chiron in Pisces 6th / dispositor Neptune 2nd may point to ‘an eating disorder, mirrored through the physical. Subject may eat to give self a sense of substance or to intercept deep feelings’. (Planets in the Houses – Howard Sasportas). I notice that Nikki’s Uranus is in Aries in the 8th in her Antiscia chart – a possible strange sexual aggression?]


Perhaps Nikki’s descendant in Pisces in the one place where she should be able to relax, let go and release control [this shows Virgo that there is ‘more to life than can be boxed, measured and tested’ (Planets in the Houses – Howard Sasportas)]. It’s certainly a place where she has had to learn compassion, sacrifice and acceptance [Water kite with Chiron opposition Ascendant, incorporating Neptune and the North Node] as a result of her relationship wounds [Chiron on fixed star Achernor = ‘Crisis or where you respond best in crisis’ (Reinhold Ebertin – Cosi)] and the area where she will experience personal integration and growth [Chiron in detriment and accidental dignity, Sun/ Moon = Chiron, Sun/ Chiron = Jupiter].

Neptune and the 2nd House

[Scorpio sun sign Gary is Nikki’s Neptune which creates fluidity in the house of beautiful things, ruled by her Venus 12th]. I think that Nikki has difficulty discerning the boundaries between her possessions and that of her partners. Although she strongly desires assets subconsciously, I don’t think that material status will give her inner contentment. I feel she is unsure of her own self-worth here. She needs to acknowledge her own sensitivity, creativity and ability to heal others. Her Neptunian career as an occupational therapist clearly shows her ability to heal the hidden wounding of her patients through physical exercise.

Sun combust Venus and opposition Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius 6th

I think Nikki’s hard Saturn aspects, together with her unaspected Moon cause her to strongly pursue career goals and suppress her emotional life. I noticed that there wasn’t a connection between her mother and father [no Sun, Moon aspects]. This would result in a feeling of compromise. She probably felt like the victim between two disconnected parents, who were each throwing a difficult vibration onto her developing psyche. This would naturally affect her feeling about the opposite sex. It is interesting that she blamed her mother for her father’s death. [Sun in 12th, father died when she was young]. I would mention to Nikki that we often transpose our anger with the deceased parent, onto the remaining one, ‘who is still available to take the blame’. She may actually experience losses in love, because her mind is programmed to lose [Venus square Neptune, and Saturn Rx square Neptune. Both show unsure judgement and choices in men]. Once Nikki is aware of her programming here, she can remove the restrictions she feels.

Nikki’s life, although enormously challenging [Cardinal Grand Cross Mars, Jupiter and Nodal Axis], provides her with a youthful hopefulness, that gives her the ability to reach out and see beyond that, which is here now. She has great mental self-sufficiency [two Air Kites involving Saturn opposition Venus and Mars opposition Jupiter]. She will have the courage to stand up and try again, despite the difficulties of the past. 


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