Laurie Naughtin 4 August 2011

Horary and Dream Interpretation

What is the meaning of my dream?
Article by; Laurie Naughtin

I dreamt that I was due to have a baby. As I no longer have a womb, this is not going to happen! In the dream I felt a bit shocked about this pregnancy, wondering how, at this stage of our lives, we would cope. But then I came to terms with the pregnancy and was quite excited, but still afraid to have this baby, as I knew it would change my whole routine.
This dream was on my mind from the time I woke till morning tea. I decided to ask a horary question. The wording was simply, “What is the meaning of this dream?’

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When asked to do a horary on the meaning of dreams we treat it as we would any other horary query, ascribing houses as we do in a question. Then we analyse and delineate the chart as we would normally do, looking at receptions between any of the people or subjects portrayed in the dream.
In real life, my daughter is moving her business to new premises which we have renovated and built up into a beautiful new salon. It’s all very exciting and scary, and I am happy for her. She has requested that I help on the front desk and practice my astrology in a little room there. I am going to do this but at the same time I am feeling uncomfortable about how I am going to manage, how it will impact on my practice and how I am going to cope with the new routine. As my husband and I have invested our savings to make this happen we are joint partners and need to help out whilst it gets on its feet. It is now a family business.
Many of you will already be able to analyse this dream without casting a chart. This chart was one of the charts that really talks, telling the whole story. I thought it would be a great chart to explain how to answer a question about a dream using the craft of horary.

The chart is for the 11 September 2009 at 11 28am JHB. Jupiter rising. Regiomontanus
L1 is a short way of writing Lord 1 or the ruler of the first house. The sign on the cusp of each house is ruled by a planet. That planet is the Lord of the house, the ruler of the sixth house is L6, of the ninth L9 etc.
If Capricorn is the sign of the first house then the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn and Saturn will then be L1.

Here is a step by step method of assessing this dream using Horary.

Look at the 9th house and its ruler. The Sun is the ruler and Venus is posited in the 9th house. L9 is posited in the 10th house, of profession. This dream is about my profession, Venus ruling the 11th is the rewards from the profession.
Looking at L9 the Sun posited in the 10th shows what the dream is about.
As it is a 9th house question I am curious as to what the part of fortune, also known as the part of hunger, is telling me. And the part of hunger is for the profession as is in the sign of L10 so it hungers for Mercury who signifies the business.
As Venus is posited in the 9th house, being a dream it is necessary for me to look at what Venus is telling me in the dream.
Venus posited in the 9th shows my concerns about the profit from the business, being in term for a new start is not too bad, so I am not to worry too much about that.
But as it is profit from the business I feel it is important to look at the people who will be necessary to make our profit grow. L7, Mercury, are the potential customers and L8, the Moon, is their money.
L7 is posited in the 10th house. Being retrograde it shows that the old clients will return to the new salon. They love Venus as they are in Libra and Venus rules the resources and profit from the business. (It is interesting that Venus is the natural ruler of beauty as well.)
L8 is the Moon, as I am not looking for any aspects in this question I can allocate the Moon to other people’s money as well as have it as my other significator, the significator of my feelings.
L8, the Moon, is in the sign of Gemini so loves Mercury, the ruler of L10, the business. They will be happy to spend money on beauty, but their money hates L1, me, so my idea of making money from beauty clients by promoting myself as an astrologer is not a very profitable idea.
L1, myself, is ruled by Jupiter, Rx and posited in the 3rd house – of my daily routine. The Rx shows that it is against my nature not to work form home, separating from Neptune showing a bit of disillusionment about all these changes. As my significator is in a fixed sign it does not really want the routine to change. L1 is peregrine, showing more uncertainty

Now to look at the pregnancy. Pregnancy is signified by L5, and in this question the birth of the new beauty salon. As I am going to work with my child and the dream is essentially a L5 dream, it is important that I look at the 5th house and its ruler, as well as everything it signifies. Mars rules L5 and my child. This child needs my support in helping her with her business, essentially our business, until she is able to run it on her own and pay back her loan. As L5 is angular my daughter has power to act but needs my emotional support as she is in the sign of the Moon, my emotions. But looking at the essential dignities of Mars, Mars is in his own triplicity as well as his detriment, so I am afraid that this child with her power over my needs is a sweet child with an unpleasant attitude right now.


My Moon is posited in the 6th house in Gemini. This is not only the house of illness but the house that shows all the nasty things that happen to us, our Achilles heel, as we say. So the Moon, my emotions or heart, being in the sign of L10, is being overpowered by this business to my detriment, as it is in the detriment of L1. Emotionally I am going to support her and the business but the dream is showing me that I fear it will harm me. My children are my Achilles heel as I sacrifice too much of myself for them. Perhaps this time I need to heed the message this dream is giving to me and take back my power by putting some structure into the business. L1, Jupiter, is in the sign of Saturn – the planet ruling structure – and Saturn is posited in the 10th house. Once this has been done I will be able to move back to my own place of business where I will be happier. When Jupiter changes sign he will be in Pisces his own sign where he will be much happier, but it is still a while to go before moving forward. I must hang in there till the time is right and the business has a structure that no longer needs my presence, then I can go back to where I am happiest.