Margaret Mullen 10 July 2012

Horary question – Will I make a profit if I buy the coins?

The question being asked here is whether or not the querent will make a profit if she buys collectible coins.

In a horary chart of this nature the querent is signified by the ruler of the sign that is on the cusp of the first house – the ascendant.
In this case the ascendant is 16.27 degrees of Sagittarius and is ruled by the planet Jupiter at 29.59 degrees of Taurus where it has no essential dignity. We are not really that concerned with the condition of the querent as the question that has been asked is whether or not the money will be worth more if the coins are purchased, in other words is it a good deal?

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The querent’s money is signified by the ruler of the second house – Saturn, as it rules the sign of Capricorn which is the sign on the cusp of the second house.
What we are looking for is a change in her money which is either for the better or for worse, as she is considering only changing her money to a different form – it is still her money.   Saturn is in the sign of Libra where it is in exaltation and triplicity. It is therefore already in a very good condition indeed except that it is retrograde. So it is not in the best condition that it can be in. However, Saturn is presently at 22.55 degrees of Libra and becomes direct again at 22.46 of Libra. Therefore a change is imminent and will be for the better.
Saturn is presently in the eleventh house so the next house that it will enter is the twelfth house. Although the twelfth house does not have a good reputation, Saturn joys in this house.
There is also a very nice and almost exact trine aspect to the Sun – the natural significator of gold. The Sun is in the seventh house and is therefore in the house of the of the seller.
As for the timing. Although this type of coin is almost always in demand there are times when the demand increases due to another significant event occurring in the life of the person or persons in whose honour the coins are minted.
The timing is measured in appropriate units in keeping with the context of the question. In this case, the difference between 22.55 and 22.46 is .09 or simply 9. Then choose the length of time. In this case I would rule out minutes, hours and days and instead choose weeks, months, and years. Libra, as a cardinal sign indicates the shortest and the eleventh house is a succedent  house indicating medium. So there is a choice to be made between weeks and months. It is a difficult call to make, but this does not detract from the indication that the value of the money will increase.
Will the deal be done? The seller is signified by Mercury the sign on the cusp of the seventh house. Mercury has no dignity in the sign of cancer in which it is placed but it is ruled by the Moon, co significator of the querent and exalts Jupiter, main significator of the querent so will not consciously do any harm to her.
But in order for a deal to take place the querent’s significator and the sellers significator need to make an aspect. So either Jupiter or the Moon must make an aspect to Mercury.
The moon is at 23.09 degrees of Pisces and the only possible aspect that it can make before leaving the sign would be a sextile to Jupiter at 29.59 degrees of Taurus. This is a favourable aspect but a sextile will be formed only when Jupiter is at 0.06 degrees of Gemini and the Moon is at the same degree of Aries. So technically it could be said that the Moon is void of course as it does not form any aspects at all to any planet before it leaves Pisces, the sign that it is in. However, since Jupiter is so nearly at the end of Taurus we can stretch it a bit and consider that the aspect has been formed.
The next aspect that the Moon will make is to Mercury when it is at 10 degrees of Cancer and the Moon is at 10 degrees of Aries. The aspect formed will be a square aspect, which is not generally considered to be a beneficial aspect, but in horary astrology simply means that the outcome will be positive but with some difficulty or delay. The deal will take place via the translation of light.

According to William Lilly the Moon is much less impeded when she is in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces and may be able to continue on the influences through the blessings of the benefics Venus and Jupiter. A void Moon in these signs indicates a period where there is no action until the matter at hand is continued later. In other words the Moon can only be “technically void” in these signs.
William Lilly, in his own practice, did not regard sign boundaries as being cutoffs of planetary influences, but more along the lines of changes in condition. So if the Moon changes signs to complete an aspect a change in the condition of the Moon is necessary in order for the matter to manifest. The only change that comes to mind is that Mercury – representing the present owner of the gold coins – is in detriment and fall in the sign of Pisces, and is therefore not received favourably by the Moon. When the Moon is in Aries, although Mercury is not received through any of the dignities, the Sun (significator of Gold) will be in exaltation and in triplicity.

The outcome. As she has already placed the bulk of her funds in to an investment that cannot presently be accessed she has decided not to purchase the coins at this stage, as her money that remains accessible may be required for other purposes.  However she is expecting to receive more money at some point in time. When that happens she is intending to purchase coins.