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The mission of the Astrological Society of South Africa  (ASSA) is to provide a network for astrologers who wish to share their knowledge with colleagues, as well as the layman.

To this end we hold informative BI-MONTHLY meetings, where speakers cover a variety of topics.

Articles that we publish are diverse and include South African as well as International authors. The content ranges from basic to advanced. There is something for everyone.

While we are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we ensure that most of the services are available to people distant from our base.

Our Website offers you contact details of ASSA Astrologers within your community and a host of information to assist you with any queries that you may have with regard to Astrology. The contact details of the ASSA Committee are available and we invite you to contact us should you require any Astrological assistance.

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All of our Bi Monthly talks are held at:

The Military Museum (Conference Rooms), Erlswold Way, Saxonwold, Johannesburg (Adjacent to Johannesburg Zoo)

You will be informed on the notices about the talks should we use a different venue, at any time.

There is ample safe parking for everyone.

N.B. Due to rising costs, it has become necessary for the Committee to raise the entrance fee of each talk to R100 p/p.  If you bring a friend, you will each pay R80 p/p. We operate as a non profit organization, and need to increase the entrance fee, so that we do not run at a loss.

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Sublunar Astrology



Expect the unexpected this month.

May was a Month where a lot went down creating difficult challenges. The planets were moving very slowly, if at all, with the result of exposing the hidden truths and untruths.

When things slow down we have the time to see what life holds. I liken this to a game drive; the slower the vehicle goes the more likely we are to see the animals hidden in the bush.    

It was a hard month uncovering all sorts of issues that have been bubbling under the surface. These issues/challenges are now visible having erupted into reality and need to be dealt with.

Waiting is at its end and within the next 10 days a lot is happening as a result of what begun in May. Decisions need to be made and focusing on solutions will be necessary.

This can bring about a feeling of anxiety and in some cases panic which can have us running around like chickens without heads. It is important that we try to keep a clear head, like everything in life, it is through careful understanding of the situation we are in that can help us to make informed decisions.

We can expect a flurry of activity beginning within the first week of June. On the 13th we will experience two transits that can affect society as well as ourselves personally.

Venus and Mars will make a stress aspect called an inconjunct. An inconjunct is never easy as it is a point of tension, in some cases due to an awkward match. Mars and Venus are planets ruling relationships.

Mars is retrograde and is angry, in some cases violent. Any situation triggered by this inconjunct creates stress due to feeling conflicted evoking responses where sparks can fly resulting in a creative or destructive shift.

Something new develops from an inconjunct aspect. Either freedom from an abusive relationship or destruction brought about due to underlying tension.

Mars is an energy planet and inclined to cause more evil than good, especially when in poor state. As Mars has been retrograding through Sagittarius a mutable fire sign we have seen Schools and educational structures burnt down. In Canada a forest fire is out of control attracting fire fighters from all over the world to help contain it.

Mars has moved by retrograde motion back into Scorpio where we could resort to sneaky and manipulative methods, as too can others. Trying to push through change and transformation impulsively without thought will land us into deep water, obstacles and problems will hold up progress.

Be aware they will happen so try to negotiate them rather than fight them. The saying 'life is like an obstacle course' is so true and never more so than now. Negotiate life like you would the course and you will come out tops.

Around the 17th Mars goes into his station, we may feel very frustrated with many more obstacles getting in the way of progress. There could not be a more important time as this to gather your thoughts and seriously look for the correct way to make changes in your life.

Be aware of jealousy and envy, it is not going to do you any good, rather embrace and learn from what it is that makes you insecure enough to be envious  and jealous enough to create issues with others. Empower your weakness.

As Mars goes into his station he aspects Uranus by inconjunct. Ouch, the planet of war blindsiding the planet of rebellion. This hits us on the 19th; it is an explosion waiting to happen.

On the positive side it could mean a sudden revelation that can finally propel you forward or stop you in your tracks on the negative side. Whatever this aspect brings will result in a sudden shift of action. I liken it to that left hook you never saw coming, the result...lights out!

I have just heard about an ammunition plant that has just gone up in flames in India, you can imagine the shock that fire has caused. It has not just caught on fire it has literally blown up in minutes, killing several people. This is the sort of event that happens under this energy of Mars and Uranus, sadly it will be repeated in July.

This will only be personal if it makes an aspect to any of the planets in your chart. My advice is watch out for falling objects and avoid walking on golf courses. Most of all check your temper and don't aggravate a volatile situation.

Remember if you need advice I offer a Mini reading for R300 contact me on

At least on the same day Mercury moves into Gemini, Mercury a planet of movement and communication does very well in Gemini. The communication action will become intensified, communication will be vital in sorting issues, but be cautious as to how you voice you opinions as it is exactly this that can create the stress in relationships.

Yes it is a good time to communicate with others, but just as important a time to listen to what others have to say. Mercury in Gemini stimulates thought and sharing of ideas making this a month of thought provoking discussions.

Mercury in Gemini does not bring about solutions but it sure does clear up peoples position and perspective on subjects during discussions.

The end of the month brings the ability to implement organisation or change which will bring sorely needed structure back into our lives. Jupiter in Virgo makes an easy trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, simply put... organise your life in a big way to bring about reform.

Then to finish off this month on the 30th we have Neptune a planet known for its illusion a deceitful ways creating a stress square aspect with retrograde Saturn. Saturn represents structure and leaders. This energy can expose weakness in structure. Idealism can be the fall of many a great man.

We may be reading a lot of stories where a lack of discipline has weakened all structure opening up boundaries for mischief and destructive elements to sneak in. We too need to become more disciplined in our outlook. Trust in ourselves to survive all life has challenged us with.


This Mars is creating a lot of anger problems that can lead to all sorts of symptoms in our bodies. An anger outburst is a release of stress, continued anger can make you physically ill.

This is a double barrelled problem as too much anger will make you ill by increasing your blood pressure, causing headaches and in some cases strokes, not to mention a negative effect on your hormones. Not expressing your anger or walking way from conflict can leave you seething and that too can result in cardiac illness as well as a depleted immune system.

The medical advice this month is to learn that while you cannot cure anger you are able to manage the intensity and effect it has on you. If you feel your anger is not in control seeking help is necessary.

Cognitive behavioural skills, anger management meetings, avoidance of situations that could cause anger and focus on problem solving are a skills than can help.

I love boxing and find great release when I punch my frustrations out on the bag at gym. Hmm I think I better go and polish my gloves, healthier than keeping my anger in.

Till next month keep a cool head.

Posted: June 3, 2016, 5:29 am