Katherine Lee

Soul Therapist

Katharine Lee’s sound background in Public Relations, and Presentation Skills, and her achievements as an author, and Radio Today Presenter make her the ideal choice as an Inspirational Speaker for any occasion.

Her inspiring and entertaining talks and intensive courses provide people with fresh perspectives and spiritual nourishment. Through her warmth and lively style, Katharine offers people the opportunity to transform themselves first spiritually and then materially. A teacher of spiritual philosophy, she has worked in a variety of fields, with individuals and groups and some of the topics she has lectured on include:

  • Corporate Spirituality
  • Finding the Healer Within
  • Personal Transformation
  • The Healing Wisdom of Africa
  • Return to Eden – A return to Wholeness for the “Walking Wounded”.

Each presentation is tailor-made to suit the occasion, and can be expanded into wellness workshops for the corporate world, groups and can even be conducted on a one to one basis. With the whole emphasis on holistic health, lectures and workshops are intended to help:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Control pain, guilt, anxiety, fears.
  • Improve concentration.
  • Develop latent talents.
  • Transform lives in countless ways
  • <li

  • Develop power, control, choice, confidence.
  • Align the personality with the soul.
  • Expand awareness beyond the five senses
  • Improve visualisation, a key to self healing.
  • Reveal the meaning and purpose of life.

Katharine’s reputation has spread world–wide. She was previously invited to present a paper at “The World Congress of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine” in China and to represent South Africa at a congress of planetary “Light Leaders” in Texas. She was invited to present a paper on healing at “The World Congress of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine” in Canada in August 1995, and was a key note speaker on 7 September 2001 at the “Healing through Creative Arts Conference in Johannesburg”. She was thereafter requested to present a paper on Spiritual Healing at the 3rd International Congress on Traditional Healing in Senegal, West Africa in July 2004.

Over the past 39 years Katharine has given thousands of readings as well as lectures on Paranormal and Metaphysical subjects. She has researched, written and conducted numerous healing, soul retrieval and past life exploration courses many of which were attended by doctors, educators and professionals in all fields.

She currently lives in Johannesburg, where she has re-opened her private practice and is Principal of Katharine Lee’s School of Holistic Healing. She hosts her own radio show on Radio Today on 1485AM every Wednesday morning from 9a.m. to 11a.m.

Want to find out more?

Contact Katharine at katharine@mweb.co.za
(011) 7827911W /084 800 1847