Laurie Naughtin 15 April 2012

Sun Sign Astrology – Is it just pie in the sky?

The Sun is the most visible Planet in the heavens. We can all see it and we can certainly feel it.

Sun Sign Astrologers eagerly follow its weekly path, as it transits its way through twelve Zodiac signs, writing columns of advice to help guide us in love, money, health and careers.

I personally do not know how they do it. Astrology has so many layers, to be able to unravel them and confidently write columns every week confounds me. This is a scientific craft and my brain just cannot let go of its mathematical discipline to try and understand the weekly Sun Sign Columns. I have tried to no avail, so have gone back to basics to see if this type of Astrology actually works.

The outermost sphere of the Cosmos is called the Zodiac. It is invisible and divided into twelve equal parts. They differ from each other by a process of creation being made up of the three modes; fixed, cardinal and mutable, falling on the four qualities; fire, earth, air and water, giving us twelve combinations. Each of these combinations will best describe each sign of the Zodiac.


As the Zodiac is a circle it can start anywhere so it starts with the Spring Equinox. The beginning of everything from the Divine starts from here, this is called zero degrees of Aries, everything is measured from here, when the Sun reaches this point every year the day and night are of equal length. Spring is the beginning of new growth and life.

Aries is cardinal fire, a picture that can describe a thousand words. In sacred language, names are important as they capture our essence or potential, our surname will describe our function (Carpenter, Smith or Baker).

So too were the names of the constellations inspired, as were their symbols. The names of the Zodiac signs are of great significance, when the planets travel through them they pick up the essence and potential of that sign.

The Sun being such a visible planet highlights the natures of the signs whenever he transits through them. The Sun is a hot and dry planet, when travelling through Aries he becomes hotter and drier so takes on the essential nature of Aries.

It is not surprising that when we are born our Sun signs are highlighted; this is the indication that the Sun is making this sign the most visible to all. Easy! Yes but we are not just our Sun signs, there are another six major planets, all in their own signs that belong to us together with the twelve Zodiac signs. We are complex beings and have come to earth with many tools.

I need to bring in yet another layer to consider and that is the houses. To quote William Lilly a well known and respected seventeenth century Astrologer, ‘the sphere that surrounds Earth is divided into four equal parts by the meridian and the horizon, and the four quadrants again each into three equal parts. This will give us a total of twelve equal parts.’

These twelve equal parts are fixed segments in the sphere or on the chart and are called houses. Whatever sign the Sun happens to be in when it rises will be the sign that is on the cusp of the first house at sunrise. If the Sun is in Cancer, where he remains for a month, for that period of time we will see the sign Cancer on the first house cusp at sunrise. The primary motion of the Sun is two hours in each house giving us a total of a twenty four hour day.

The eastern horizon is an important point to further understand our natures, whatever sign is on the eastern horizon when we are born is the sign that describes our personality and health. It is the manner with which we protect ourselves as well as present ourselves to society in general. This is called the rising sign or the Ascendant; it is us.

Like the signs, the houses too have their distinct natures, planets in angular houses have a lot of power to act, the next house is the succedent house, it is less powerful, the weakest being cadent houses where the planets literally feel as if they are falling away.

There are four quadrants describing the seasons, in the first eastern quadrant we get a hot and moist spring nature and so it goes on, describing four natures and three positions uniquely describing the twelve houses.

Planets are actors, the zodiac signs are the roles they have come to play and the houses are the stages from where they act.

When looking at movements and measurements of planets, we keep Earth stationary and follow the movements of the planets from this base. As the transiting Sun moves around Earth it will make aspects; aspects are occasions to act. When the Sun is on your Sun, a conjunction, you are highlighted, so on your birthday you are King. Next sign around is thirty degrees, where it disappears from sight then surprises you, things emerge, next is sixty degrees showing one an opportune moment. The ninety degree square is a time of crisis or hard work to needed to achieve the one hundred and twenty degrees aspect, showing time for growth, the one hundred and eighty degree opposition showing a time for balance.

The Sun spends a month in each sign every year highlighting the nature of the sign it is currently in. The Sun is a planet that describes our creative energy, as the Sun is the giver of all life it is our energy, our petrol.

Now I would like to look at the nature of a native with a Pisces Sun, simply put it is cold and moist with a mutable or ‘can take on any role’ mode. The transiting Sun is travelling through Aries which is hot and dry with a cardinal or ‘need to make an action’ mode. A cold and moist indecisive Pisces may have the inclination to liven up and make decisions when the transiting Sun is in Aries. But is that Pisces Sun able to liven up and make an action if it happens to be in a weak house with very little power to act?

Our Native with the Pisces Sun may feel a bit more energized when the transiting Sun is in an action driven fiery sign, but that is all that the transiting Sun is actually telling us. It is thirty degrees from the Pisces Sun so is also highlighting that it’s time to emerge from the Pisces depths of dreamland and actually begin a project.

Finally we need to consider the other six transiting planets and any aspects they may be making to each other in the sky. Is it generally a time for change, or time to be careful, are there any retrograde planets that can add to the advice given by the Sun Sign Astrologer. If it is time for change then the Sun Sign Astrologer can add this into the mix, our dreamy Pisces needs wake up, see the opportunities and think about making changes in their lives. It is time!

As Astrologers we need to know so much more about the native to be able to give any more advice than this. There is also the matter of houses and rising signs to consider so if you are reading the column of a respected magazine written by a respected Sun Sign Astrologer and need to get more benefit from what they are saying, best you find out more about your own Sun and where it is housed. I still cannot see how they manage to pull health and wealth out of the obvious information mentioned above, I suppose if you climb out of your shell and take the opportunity highlighted by the Sun then you have the choice of seeing the world, you open the door to allow energy in but without the full information within the birth chart this is not a given.

After writing this article I take my hat off to the ethical, and may I emphasise the description ethical Sun Sign Astrologers, it is with a huge amount of work and a deep knowledge of the craft together with a creative writing ability that can pull off a successful Monthly column.

Astrology is the study of time. Astrologers are here to highlight cycles in your life as well as to advise you of the perfect time to make changes in your career, love, health and wealth, the rest is up to you and you have free will to act or not…


Laurie Naughtin is the founder of Sublunar Academy of Astrology where correspondence, beginners and individual courses are taught. Laurie has International approval for her courses; students qualifying will be eligible for the International Traditional Astrologer’s directory. Laurie is qualified in Medical, Modern, Traditional and Horary astrology. Specializing in Time rectification and Newborn charts.  She runs workshops and presentations for media and public in general.

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