The Nodes

The ephemeris will show that in September 2012 the Moon’s Nodes, as is the inexorable habit of planets and points, moved from Sagittarius-Gemini to Scorpio-Taurus, an interesting enough phenomenon to warrant talking about. Let’s get the technical side over with quickly.

The North and South Nodes of the Moon move steadily backwards and mark the always exact opposite ascending and descending points (or nodes) where the Moon crosses the Ecliptic. Their synodic period is 19.5 years, or 1.5 years through 30 deg., or 30 minutes per day. Alternatively called the Dragon’s Head and Tail, or Caput and Cauda Draconis or, in Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu. Vedic astrology regards both Rahu (the Head of the Serpent) and Ketu (the Headless Serpent) as malefic, but not so Western astrology.

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The SN tells the story of all that has been acquired and achieved in the past (or past lives) and can now be relied upon. It describes the distilled essence of the past to be used as a stepladder to the future. The territory is familiar, like ‘old shoes’.

SN correlations are not malefic per se. All information provided in the horoscope is symbolic and neutral. Each ‘turn of the wheel’ ‘tells it like it is’. It is we, the human factor, who impose value judgements. The SN focusses on the tipping point between past and present, and issues a warning that patterns appropriate in the past are not necessarily desirable or effective in the present; neither may some of those ‘old tapes’ carry you successfully into the future.

It is in this sense that the problem is one of discrimination. If the accumulated power from the past is not used to liberate into the future, the status quo becomes entrenched, we become stuck in the rut of our own psychology (which projects into action), and the SN becomes a place of loss and poor association. The SN tracks the road behind, portions of which do not need to be retravelled, only remembered as cautionary tales.

The NN talks of the promise of the future and points to the required direction of life movement – to the lessons that need to be learned and the skills that need to be acquired in order to travel that road. The territory is unfamiliar and initially painful, like ‘new shoes’. Here is the road ahead, supported always by accumulated wisdom from the past (SN) and, once the goal is engaged, the place of gain and good association. The NN too has its shadow side. The danger would lie in ignoring the past and sabotaging our own legitimate past experiences.

Jeff Green says the Nodes show HOW we can become what the soul desires (Pluto) by using this knowledge of the diametrically opposed poles of past and future. He calls it a personal love-hate situation in experience – a personal melting-pot of thoughts, words, deeds and omissions. Any writings by Jeff Green and Steven Forrest of the evolutionary school of astrology are highly recommended for deeper insights into the Nodes.

For instance, a natal planet squaring both Nodes (90 deg angle) indicates unfinished business from the past that still needs to be worked on and resolved, or a past association of immense influence. It is a work in progress. The same applies to a planet conjunct the SN. Again, another person’s planet falling on your SN clearly points to a VIP past relationship and will often describe the nature of that relationship e.g. one who nurtured you (Moon), a sibling (Mercury), a male authority figure (Saturn), a benefactor or mentor (Jupiter), a lover or a friend (Venus), a rival (Mars). The reader can fill in the blanks. Another person’s planet falling on your NN indicates a powerful relationship influencing you in the future. Our Judeo-Christian conditioning immediately insinuates that we had better clean up our act this time round or else ….! But relax – you do have eternity, you know.

Generally the sign, house and aspects of the SN Ruler can be read as indicators of what was used or perfected in the past and now provides automatic access to past knowledge and behaviour patterns. The NN Ruler (sign, house, aspects) points to facilitators for growth and progress that can be used for the journey ahead.

Pamela Crane uses the Nodes to create a whole new Draconic birthchart which, she claims, gives more valid information than the traditional chart; but then similar claims are made by the Huber school (which always provides a special nodal chart), Vedic (which gives the Nodes equal status with the planets), the Hellenistic, Traditional and Evolutionary systems. Hey ho! Quo vadis?

Noting the Nodes 18 month’s stay in Taurus-Scorpio (both obstinately Fixed signs) until mid-February 2014, perhaps in the more global or historical sense the imperative of RESOURCES needs attention. Clearly the build-up of financial effects from the historical past clashes severely with the current needs of humanity and the ecological needs of the planet we occupy. Is this the clash of ‘greed’ of the singular versus the plural, the individual versus the social, the common man versus the vested interests of the corporate world, the have’s versus the have not’s? Sins there are on both sides and, as is common with the Nodes, great confusion about how best to move forward.

The Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio tie in beautifully with the crash of numerous banks (and great was the fall thereof that now numbers in the twenties), the moribund state of the Euro, the collapse of governments in the Middle East (the Arab Spring), the peoples’ sit-ins at the New York Stock Exchange and England’s St. Paul’s Cathedral (“Kill the Bankers!” their placards announce!). In South Africa we watch in horror the brutalities committed on both sides in the mining and agricultural sectors (all about MONEY) which look to be taking on the proportions of a virulent national epidemic and spreading rapidly.

Witness too how current conditions are even more explicitly described by the ongoing Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn. We will only experience their SEVENTH exact square in mid-2015. Wheels within wheels, and cycles within cycles! Uranus (revolution, chaos) in Aries (anger, we want it yesterday) square Pluto (power, transformation) in Capricorn (governments, big business). Synthesize all this with present times being the interface between the Piscean (incompatible religions) and Aquarian Age (the common people) and what do we have? – a recipe for disaster?

With the Nodes now barely into Taurus-Scorpio, after a transitional period of stalemate, perhaps humankind will get the message to move away from drawing confrontational lines in the dust, and move into a more discussive 18 month period of mutual communications aimed at aligning the more disparate groupings. There is a pressing need for understanding the other man’s stance about resources, not only in South Africa but all over the world.

Few astrologers look at what the transiting Nodes are doing in the birthchart. This is strange considering that the Nodes’ movements are our only natural converse direction – as opposed to the tortuous process of converse progressions. I leave you with this thought. Locate the house axis in your birthchart where the Nodes fall (as I write in 23degrees Taurus-Scorpio). Ask yourself if this is not a polarity axis in your life about RESOURCES where the astrological finger is writing on the wall?

Where the SN falls in Taurus, clean up your act and get rid of the flotsam and jetsam that are clogging up the actual physical drainage system in your life. Perform an act of self-discipline and let something GO in this life area – release from clinging blindly to the familiar status quo (possessions that have passed their sell-by date?)

Where the NN falls in Scorpio, create a new space and let something IN. Dare to reach out and bring in something ‘scary’ from the future, and strive to share it with others without resentment. What better way to lay old ghosts and take new journeys than to align ourselves with the natural energy flow of our sacred contract with our spiritual selves, our astrological chart.