John Worrall 4 August 2011

The Tarot Card The Chariot

This assignment was submitted by Sublunar Academy
Written by first year student John Worrall

The Chariot represents a union of opposites. Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs, people or circumstances to bring them together and to give them a single direction. Confidence is also needed, most especially motivation. To achieve a goal focus is required, where do you mean to go and what do you want to do?

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The steeds keep the wheels turning but your control gets them to the destination. Dark and light, they must draw in harmony. Woe betides anyone or anything that gets in the way, your aim is victory. To be victorious you must have unwavering confidence in your course, never question, never doubt, never lose focus or motivation.


The Chariot can indicate new motivation or inspiration which gets a stagnant situation moving again. It can also imply a trip.


The story of Phaeton describes the meaning of the Chariot very well. Phaeton was the son of Helios the Sun God, Phaeton persuaded his father to allow him to drive his Chariot (The Sun).  Phaeton was unable to control the Chariot and the earth was in danger of burning up, so Zeus sent a thunderbolt which hit the Chariot and killed Phaeton. Helios was so stricken with grief he refused to drive the Sun chariot for days leaving the Earth in darkness. On Phaetons Tomb his epitaph reads “Here Phaeton lies who drove the Sun Gods car. Greatly he Failed but Greatly he dared”.  Another phrase that sums up Phaeton’s story is, One who drives a Chariot at reckless or dangerous speed and, one that would or may set the world on fire.
The Chariot represents the sign of Cancer and the house that Cancer rules in my birth chart is the 3rd house, Gemini. Relationships with equals, whether brothers or sisters, neighbours and interactions with others. It also concerns travel and communication, Learning, studying and memory, Daily routines. Having a goal or destination is extremely important for me, without an objective, daily routines become mundane. Creating security for my family helps me to have the motivation and remain focussed on a particular goal until achieved, this is crucial.
With Cancer being in my 3rd house there is a serious possibility of getting caught up in mental chatter and distracted or lost in thought.  Home and family are paramount, which is a huge motivating factor to strive for success, which will bring financial stability and security.
The Mode is Cardinal Water.