Albertus LightStrider December 2005

The Zuma Debacle: 2005 to 2015 by Albertus LightStrider (written Dec 2005)

Greetings everyone, here’s a reminder of an article I wrote in 2005 on Zuma and thought I’d share it with you.

I ended that article thus: It reminds me of the Wheel of Life, and karmic actions, which will come to term in a major and crucial way between 2012 and 2017.

The Zuma Debacle will resonate throughout 2006 to 2008

He was born in the mountains of Nkandla, Kwa-Zulu Natal, on April 12, 1942 with the Sun and Mercury in Aries, a strong, energetic symbol that suggests power and drive.

Mercury symbolises mind and communication, and in Aries, which is the sign of the head, it signifies a persuasive speaker and charismatic presence, and all this mercurial and martial energy manifests as the following:
•He was a resistance fighter in the ANC struggle.
•He is a hero and former spy master.
•As a youth he was a goatherd.
•He is a master of traditional Zulu-stick-fighting, it reminds me of Zen Buddhist fighting.

Social Venus
In Zuma’s birth-chart Venus, sign of grace, charm and popularity is exalted in Pisces.

The exaltation of Venus is the strongest point in his chart and is the Morning Star, called by the Xhosa Ikhwezi, the most transcendent and powerful star.

Small wonder that Zuma has won so many ardent followers and supporters.
•His warmth and energy is attractive.
•Insofar as Venus is the sign of love, Zuma and his followers were having a genuine public and political love affair.

Just to demonstrate how the power of this Venus exaltation,
Venus was a key feature in the charts:
•Martin Luther King, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and novelist Victor Hugo.

They all had the ability to speak directly to people about the people’s problems, to energise a feeling of patriotism and public spirit, and they all evoked a sense of kinship with humanity.

In Zuma’s chart Venus of fair play combines forcefully with the Mercury energy and signifies clear public communication and an easy connection with the public’s desire for freedom and a better life in the future.

It was a great omen for his hope of the presidency.
•This strength is also, not surprisingly, a source of weakness.
•His great ability to inspire public adulation also breeds the need for, and dependency on, that kind of attention.
•This Venus quality registers prominently until 2007, Zuma’s 65th year.
•It was a great omen for his hope of the presidency.
2003 to 2011

That’s what we see in Zuma’s chart, but an individual’s chart must always be seen in the light of what’s happening in the sky right at this time.

2003 to 2011
Uranus ingressed Pisces in March 2003 and it remains active until 2011.
•It’s a disruptive, unpredictable energy.
•Uranus represents the power-brokers of our society, people who have been voted into the highest rank by popular consensus.

Disruptive Uranus conjoined the Venus in Zuma’s chart from 2003 to 2005 and that’s exactly where the rumours, accusations and legal proceedings began.
•Uranus is a symbol of dissatisfaction, legal procedure and a divorce from the positive rewards of the Venus energy.
Venus rules Taurus and Taurus in Zuma’s birth-chart has Saturn and Uranus conjunct, which is willful and ambitious.
•This is the crucial point of balance.
•Saturn and Uranus are great leadership planets, they signify strength and energy.
•Saturn is the traditional figure, convinced and confident about its power.
•Uranus is the rebel, the need to assert an individual freedom and power outside the existing structure.
•It’s a breakaway energy, looking to stand alone and use its charismatic energy to attract followers towards it.
•It is the sign of the eternal rebel.

Zuma Like Medusa: The snake-haired demon who lured people and turned them to stone with her baleful gaze.

In Zuma’s birth-chart, Saturn and Uranus are powerfully linked to two Fixed Stars – Algol and the Pleiades

Algol – controlling factor, is startling symbolism for those who hold high office.

Both these Fixed Stars signify great insight and prominence but also warn of a downfall and a cause for weeping.

The Pleiades popularly known as the Seven Sisters, were the seven mythological figures who weep. In African cosmology they are known as Selemela for the Sotho and Tswana, and isi-Limela for the Zulu and they relate to the change of seasons.
•Algol is more serious, and is the symbol is the malevolent Medusa, the snake-haired demon who lured people and turned them to stone with her baleful gaze.
•Algol is associated with decapitation because that was the only way to kill Medusa. It is signifies panic, and losing your head and is also associated with downfall and loss.
•When Zuma was charged with rape on December 6, 2005 Mercury of the media and news was opposing Algol.
•When the trial begins Mars, symbolising anger and dispute, will be conjunct Algol, from February 9 to 18, when will meet both Algol and the Pleiades.
•When the alleged rape took place Venus was in harmful aspect to the fixed star Algol. And Venus was conjunct Pluto (additional article written in The Saturday Star – Celestial Focus dated 10 December 2005)

Secrets Revealed
Pluto, the revealer of secrets that brings hidden things to light, is also exactly quincunx a discordant and fateful degree with Algol from February 14, 2006 and for the rest of the 2006 suggesting that events started here will resonate throughout the next two years until 2008.
•Pluto is the symbol of the plutocrat, when it ingresses Capricorn, the sign of big business and money, it will oppose Cancer.
•This is the meeting point of his Sun and Neptune,
•This is a signature of illusion, the big dream and his image of himself as an untouchable.

2012 to 2015
Uranus is always an element of surprise and shock, it’s the divorcing factor and when it meets with his Mercury it will be interesting to see how he defends his actions, how he battles the media of what his says and what he truly stands for between 2012 and 2015.

Observing these dates will give a great clue into the ingenious, exciting roller-coaster ride that is the mercurial surprise element, which will reveal his mind-set, his interaction with the media and his self-promotion during the ongoing Zuma saga:
•Between June to August 2013 and following to March 2014
•Mid April to end May 2014, with a special focus May 3 to 8.
•October to November 2014 and thereafter until March 2015.
•February 2015 is the crucial culmination of what has emerged since 2012.

2008 to 2024
Pluto is the symbol of the plutocrat, when it ingresses Capricorn (2008 to 2024), the sign of big business and money, it will oppose Cancer.

This is the meeting point of his Sun/Neptune, which brings a major warning, as devious Pluto always brings hidden matters to light.

Pluto is about the darkness we hide, and bringing matters to light will be directly linked to this Sun/Neptune midpoint.
•This is a signature of illusion, the big dream and his image of himself as an untouchable.
•The question is what is he hiding, and how will his illusions be shattered?
•Part of this illusion, is related to deception, either of the self, or of others who have him in their hold, or is it him who has the power over others?
•Who exactly is the victim, or playing the victim?
•Who is being influenced by whom?
Who exactly has the power over others?

This brings me back to that Algol factor mentioned above – who exactly has the power over others?

Never forget that these hidden Algol-factors are far reaching, yet when they start crumbling, or falling it will have a major domino effect. As they say there are too many fingers in the proverbial ongoing-Zuma-saga.

Future Crisis: Plutonian undertones and elements that will bring with it the darkness and secrets of his life.

This is what can expect in future when that Cancer midpoint is activated:
•The Jupiter/Pluto signature: exploitation, over exaggeration, conflict with authority, big scandal, loss of power
•The Mars/Pluto signature: ruthlessness, over-confidence, success and misfortune
•The Jupiter/Chiron factor: wounded by excessive behaviour and expenditure
It will all also activate his birth-chart Mercury, the mercurial Zuma, what he says, how he communicates and how he defends himself against the onslaught.

Mercury is related to all communication and travel, whether it be the written word, or contracts signed, or not signed, it can be verbal agreements and that is where the fly in the ointment could be.

This is the major focus for 2016.
•What is not said, and what has been agreed upon, will eventually determine how high or low this will be.
•Never forget the mercurial-media, and how their influence in disclosure will play out on the future.
•For good or ill, this will be a great time of disclosure of his life and actions, which will be brought to light.
•All depending on his actions, it will determine the Plutonian undertones and elements that will bring with it the darkness and secrets of his life.

It reminds me of the Wheel of Life, and karmic actions, which will come to term in a major and crucial way between 2012 and 2017.

It’s not just about hindsight, when one is true to Astrology, the truth prevails, so once in a while I update posts, having posted recently due to the ongoing Zuma Saga.

I read my previous articles and especially those of 2005 and those of that crucial ANC meeting in Limpopo where the power shifted to Zuma.

When I find the Event Horary of his first inauguration which gives much food for thought, I’ll perhaps post it as well.

For now I retreat to what is important to me, my privacy and life away from public intrusion.

As requested by Laurie – a brief biography follows.

Albertus LightStrider (Honorary Member of ASSA)

Ever shapeshifting and being-in-tune, Albertus LightStrider, treasures his privacy more than his precious books, he chose to retire from public scrutiny after his 2nd Saturn Return, he non-the-less keeps a cosmic astrological eye on everything he encounters.

With great sensitivity and intuition he lives close to the to the mysteries of life and the magic of daily living, now especially important as he and his Beloved of 42 years live a peaceful life being attuned to what really matters to them (to continue living with grace, kindness and love away from public intrusion) thus consciously focusing on the Zen-like living creating blessed memories for the future every living moment of their ever evolving “now”.

Briefly, LightStrider, was introduced to astrology at a very early age, reading predictive astrology magazines as early as age 6. Since then he has explored numbers and dreams, which initially led him to astrology in 1962. His greatest insights came when he charted the horoscopes of his fellow employees at a major bank during the time Chiron was discovered.

He refocused his career and began professional astrology consulting on his first Saturn return, always moving forward: since 1980 he has had extensive exposure to the Radio, TV and print media. Between 2005 and 2009 hosted his own radio show called “The Alternative View” which is broadcast every Sunday night from 22h00 to Midnight on Radio 702 & Cape Talk.

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