Transit Updates



Passionate Venus



Venus retrogrades into a dark part of the heavens where she is not seen as she changes from an evening star to a morning star, the light-bringer. During this journey it is a particularly dangerous time for wild and passionate love affairs.


Venus will enter into an invisible phase during her shift from an evening star to a morning star where we could find ourselves reflecting over past lovers or even tempted to re awaken a long dead love.


For forty days and forty nights Venus will go through her retrograde cycle, a time of temptation. Interesting that Jesus fasted for this period to avoid temptation from Satan.


Whilst Venus is an evening start it is a time where we can be receptive and wise, well this changes when she becomes a morning star and a feral energy is released.


The light-bringer refers to Venus in her morning rising phase, in the first few days we need to avoid rushing headlong into affairs of the heart or overspending.


It is advisable not start a love affair or buy luxury goods during this retrograde, you might end up paying more than you bargained for. Many an illicit affair is noted during a Venus Retrograde especially when she re-enters Leo and is inclined to act out her feral nature.


You may find yourself tempted to return to an old love or even become mournful about a love that you have lost. As Venus goes invisible whilst returning to a morning star you can bury this love and bring closure and final reflection of what is was or will never be.


From mid-September we will wake up in the early house to this magnificent planet as together with the Sun she lights up our day.




Photographic mind comes into play, even if you don’t have one! In fact buried past events may resurface during the next two weeks.

Just be aware that you can become more emotionally involved in other people’s problems than necessary and this can become a heavy burden.

If you find it difficult to solve problems in this period it is most probably because you are getting more emotionally involved with people around you rather than the problem itself.

Focus on the family environment on a more thinking level than emotional driven state. Mercury can create emotional waves within the environment so don’t let emotions drown out your logical abilities.






A strong need to express yourself and your intentions is happening as Jupiter and Uranus connect. This pushes one to experience a new dimension of living totally unknown to you.


This brings about search for an inner truth with expansive generous results. Especially where the journey by leaders of commerce exposes the world to the culture and shocking living conditions of others.


The result is an innovative energy to start with the education of children, which is just what Jupiter in Leo loves. These brave and selfless commercial leaders have taken action to better the life of the underprivileged in an innovative manner.


It is a time to change lives, you own life as Uranus in Aries is akin to a personal wakeup call, poverty of mind has become an unwanted burden.


Take Jupiter as an alarm clock wakening you to all the original, resourceful gifts you have accumulated over the years. Really it is time to be brave and have the confidence in your outgoing self.


Think big make life personal as this is how you will grow; people with a strong self-confident attitude attract success. This can lead to great speculative projects and ventures. But remember to conduct yourself with dignity and sincerity to avoid egotism.


Jupiter trine Uranus…the trigger is there so seriously take advantage and turn that switch on.



Saturn 2

Super strict and structured Saturn will be doing a quick backwards leap into deep and intensely transforming Scorpio waters.

This will give us a final chance to ensure that the stressful tasks that have challenged us for the past two years are still going in the right direction.

This transit of Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio is a quick reminder to us as to why we let go of the old, that was fine to say goodbye to the redundant and hello to a completely new and focused direction.

If there is anything you can do differently and haven yet done, you have a final chance this time round to completely shift your direction onto a more responsible path.

To give us an extra kick the Sun of vital creative energy and Mars the planet renown for action will be conjunct in Gemini. This will give us more than one option to on our paths of recovery. It is an impatient energy so will push us to intuitively and intellectually choose a path and stick to it.

The choice for change will be highlighted again and again during this time till Mid-September where Saturn finally leaves Scorpio for the last time.

This time from Monday is likened to the Tower in the Tarot deck where traumatic change brings positive growth and new awareness. It is where you realise you have finally outgrown your environment.

Disciplined Saturn will enter Sagittarius a worldly open sign once again in September, finally we will be ready to evolve our beliefs and be open to life from a practical point of view.






Fifa 2010 bribery revealed taking down powerful men, Tim Noaks under the microscope yet again and Sidney Frankel, King of stockbroking in the news as paedophile accusations hit headlines yet again.

As for Zuma and his Nkandla speech, well his lack of sincerity and professionalism has turned him into a joke. Why are all these tricksters being busted we ask?

Astrologically we have Pluto a powerful planet that is associated with death and destruction for renewal, while in the sign of Capricorn associated with structure demands destruction for renewal.

The Sun and Mars are in the same degree in Gemini with retrograde Mercury in orb. This is really a great stage for tricksters and thieves. The Sun represents Kings and respected people of power, while Mars in Gemini is verbal attack.

Pluto is aspecting the Sun under verbal attack by Mars in a way that blindsides and exposes the rot. Destruction of powerful figureheads, exposure and attack will certainly change their lives.

Just remember that if you are not being honest or paying you dues you may find yourself blindsided with consequences. You cannot win with this energy you need to sort out the issues and start afresh.

Interesting times!




Do not lose your head, the consequences can be dire!

The Sun and Moon will connect at 26 degrees of Taurus, which will be exactly connected to a Fixed star called Algol on the 17th of May.

The mythology of Algol represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa slain by Perseus. Algol was the only mortal sister of the three Gorgons, originally a beautiful maiden. Her hair was turned into hissing serpents by Minerva in a fit of jealousy as a consequence of becoming a mother due to Neptune.

This awful head of hissing reptiles gave her such a fearful appearance that every mortal who looked at her turned to stone.

The influence of this star on us will be of the nature of violence, decapitation, mob violence often resulting in death: in some cases extreme illness, or severe sore throats due to spreading infections.

When the Sun and Moon connect we get the energy of the Sun infusing into our emotions bringing them to light. Normally a good thing, but in the sign of Taurus we will be very concerned about our values and self-worth making this day emotionally turbulent.

This can result in aggressive uncontrolled confrontation often highlighting an aspect of yourself that you do not like. You may find yourself cutting off your nose to spite your face which will leave you shame faced!

This can bring out some unconscious attitudes form yourself and others, so try to be rational and look at what is highlighted on this day so turn it into a time of discovery that can result in emotional growth.

Yup and keep some throat spray on hand to stop that sore throat from getting worse.






Well if you are feeling irritated with your country, your superiors and political leader, it is going to be very hard to bite your tongue.


Mars is about fighting and action in the sign of Taurus which is about your values and worth. Taurus also rules our ancestors and heritage. We are seeing it here, where the attack on our heritage in South Africa has overcome the constitution resulting in the downfall of History of a colourful country.


Are we angry…hell yes, it’s us versus them as far as politics and belief systems are concerned. It is really a good time to see what the universe holds.


Jupiter natural ruler of foreigners, in Leo representing leaders, politics and commerce, is beginning to move away from a point of weakness. Jupiter has been retrograde making leaders somewhat weak.


This weakness in leadership is shifting, so proceed with caution when taking on your superiors or judging them harshly.


Many of us my experience friction and conflict with father figures and mentors.


In fact the action is for the future under this transit. It is about what can be, rather than what is. So if the ‘what is’ in your life is not feeding you now is the time to make life into what it can and should be.


As Mars connects with Jupiter on the 18th it will trigger events where anger over value systems, salaries and our worth in general reaches a crisis point. We fight back as if our future depends on it.


I am reading a lot of political debates on Facebook, a statement triggers heated and in some cases mudslinging arguments. In South Africa the xenophobia issue has returned, oh yes and the death of past heroes as statues are removed from places of honour.


Just remember that if you have a lousy value system rather than a fair one you may be the one under attack. If you are not happy with your lot in life it is a great time to dig deep and understand what it is that can improve things.


If you work this vibrant action orientated energy well, the outcome can be successful. But should you act impulsively with unjustified optimism that anything you do now will turn to gold, could end up in chaos.


But intelligent planning and foresight, which is available in abundance under this transit, can motivate you into using your resources in a manner that brings about unconditional understanding of others as well as expansive personal growth.


Your reward is respect rather than being aggressively rejected.






We live in a society that does not produce enough emotionally mature men. Chiron issues of insecurities and perceived hurts come to light, well HELLO… the Sun is exposing them big time!

Now is the time to come face to face with patterns that we have been repeating throughout our lives, especially the relationships we have with men.

Both Sun the ruler of heroes and Chiron the ruler of our wounds, our Achilles heel exposes heroes for what they are. Put them together and this transit brings about the fall of the hero we have idolised, leaving an emotional wound.

We live in a culture that doesn’t produce so many emotionally mature men. The Sun is natural ruler of fathers and father figures. When you add Chiron to the Sun, by aspect or by transit, that hero can take a fall or be exposed.

This is a time when men of power are busted and seen for what they are. It is also a time where certain addictions that are undermining us actually become more obvious and the realisation that we need to deal with them.

This includes ‘pity parties’ and addiction to woes and past hurts that have been magnified into situations so big they wound as deeper than they need to. Now is the time to seek help to teach you to manage these issues. This help should help you let go of the constant hurt.

This is a brilliant time to manage your emotional pain. You may need to deal with your own wounded pride to move on.

The key theme here is that Chiron-Sun aspects prompt us to become aware of our deeper self, as various layers of ‘identity’ are peeled back. We are not given the luxury of basking in the glory of a strong ego, but instead are forced to find our own deeper centre.


Stationary Mercury


Lots of shocking happenings during this retrograde. Deaths, painful truths revealed, friendship issues exposed and generally being slapped in the face with all sorts of shocks.

It a pity our President does not consult an astrologer for the correct timing for group meetings. Mercury was stationary when they had their meeting. Mercury is about communication and that was scrambled, nothing positive came from the SONA address, how could it!

Mercury is starting to move out of station, which is the place where you are still whilst changing gear from reverse to drive, a very vulnerable time. On the 22nd Mercury will be direct and in ha good forward motion.

As Mercury starts his forward motion all the hardships it exposed during the retrograde will be addressed in a more positive fashion. We can heal and grow from the past three weeks challenges and move on, battered but wiser.




Mercury is the messenger who seems to warp the messages during a retrograde period. During this time we kind of leave our left brain and tap into our right brain

We can expect to have computer problem, missing messages, telephone lines go down and especially in South Africa load shedding.

So back up anything important, give yourself time to get to your destinations, expect delays. During Mercury retrograde it is a great time to take a break from left brain though and allow the right brain to flow.

During this retrograde we could be surprised by how certain themes can be exposed and how group dynamics act out. After all the communicative planets is stirring the mud in the sign of Aquarius. In a group expect the unexpected.

This could be a brilliant time for gathering in groups to discuss entrepreneurial ideas, discuss a re- branding or even re-launching of an older idea.

Life is so busy so when the messenger back tracks it gives us a time to get off the treadmill, take a breath, reflect and re-evaluate situations.

During a retrograde it’s ok to go inwards and reflect on the issues that arise, when Mercury returns to moving in the right direction your reflection and wisdom will be rewarded.

Aquarius is the sign of friends and this period could prompt you to re-evaluate your group of friends or even surprise you with a sudden meeting of a long lost ‘besty’.



If you are feeling something different, restless yet unable to pin point what is happening. You are simply feeling the shifts in the heavens.

Source: Sublunar